H&M Motivational Factors

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation, Abraham Maslow Pages: 16 (5311 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Personal development and methodology
The motivation within H&M


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Tabel of content

Tabel of content2
1.1 Introduction3
2.1 Problem statement3
3.1 Methodology section4
3.2 Reviewing theories and models:5
4.1 Analysis6
4.2 Motivation to reach the financial goals within H&M6
4.3 Motivation within the CSR and the environment8
4.4 Structure10
5.1 Discussion12
6.1 Conclusion13
Appendix A - organization14
Appendix B - Ownership structure16
Appendix C - social Contract17
Appendix D - logbook18
Appendix E – e-mails19
Appendix F – Bibliography21

Executive summary

The purpose of this assignment is to carefully analyse the major goal of H&M, how motivation, communication, structure of the organization, culture, authority affects reaching their major goal. The following theories are being used to show the advantages and the disadvantages of the company: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Human Relations Movement (Hawthorne), scientific management (Taylorism), Herzberger’s Two-Factor Theory and Style theories. It will be discussed how H&M encourages their employees to be self-motivated, makes sure to educate and share the knowledge and pass on the “spirit of H&M”. It seems that H&M is focused on treating people with respect and their desire is that the employees would involve in everyday`s activity. Social factors had a far greater impact on output that physical condition. Different views of human nature than can be traced back in history, and that still has a great impact on how humans are addressed. Treating employees with respect, giving them space to develop, to be inspired, is how H&M motivates their employees. The assignment is looking at the structure of the H&M as a tall organisation based on horizontal differentiation.

The project is focused on theories and how are these applied on H&M, as Maslow argues that the needs are universally and that the needs have to be satisfied, in the right order, from the bottom and up but according to Herzberg’s Two-factor Theory, people has diverse motivational factors by things they make them feel good about work. The theory highlights that satisfaction is not reached unless dissatisfaction factors are gratified. Taylorism theory ignores people’s individual differences, because it is seldom that people like to work in the exact same way.

In addition it is examined in the assignment the diverse authorisation types, such as line, staff and functional authorities. As for the style theories, it is difficult for one person to only practice one of the three style theories; Democratic, Autocratic or the Laissez-faire leadership styles. In real life and according to the working pressure and the surroundings, a type of situational based leadership would be a more realistic term.

The Human Relations Movement according to Hawthorne theory is used to analyse the human factor in the organisation as it focuses on the personality role in it.

1.1 Introduction

What motivates people? How do you make people perform everyday, in a way, where they think it is interesting to work, meanwhile the company expands and makes money? In history there have been different ways to deal with motivation. One of the reasons is that there are different views on human nature.

In the industrialization period they focused more on the production side and the output of human effort. Later the type of work each employee does in Europe changed, from heavy manual labor, to a more knowledge based labor. This shift combined with different ways to approach motivation, has made it interesting to see how companies manage to keep up the motivation. Since the first store opened, in 1947 in Sweden, selling only women`s clothing H&M changed dramatically in order to reach the success they are happily enjoying now. It took 17 years until the first store opened in a foreign country, in...
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