H&M Marketing Paper

Topics: Recycling, Target market, Competition Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: March 13, 2013
At H&M their mission statement explains that their purpose is to offer their customers fashion and quality at the best price. In doing so H&M’s marketing operations and advertising campaigns, based in Sweden, are focused on clear and simple advertising techniques and target to enlighten them on what is new and upcoming. Considering they are the second largest global retailer in the world right behind a Spain based company I believe that they have succeeded in their mission to provide affordable clothes with a profit. They have also been known to be environmentally friendly in my research.

H&M has seven Commitments that they have posted on their website. In being environmentally friendly number four, five, and six have a lot to do with the environment and how to preserve its nature. Four is being climate smart and at H&M they want to make all customers aware about the issue that is in front of us. By using their products and letting their customers know that they are a conscious company looking to try and improve this as much as possible. Five is Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. They say, “We want to reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever possible. Our ultimate aim is to send zero waste to the landfill.” Number six is use natural resources responsibly. Because resources are limited H&M strains the importance on conservation and how it is incredibly detrimental to the universe to waste when not necessary. Being environmentally friendly in today’s market is essential for the growth of any company wanting to succeed because this is almost getting to be a problem for some companies to run. Being aware and letting customers know is helping the cause and maybe even making people think more about where and what they buy. There is a lot of competition on the clothing market. Zara is the direct competitor of H&M but its prices are a little higher, so H&M enjoys a real economic advantage. H&M has numerous competitors in the market today aside from...
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