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Assignment # 1 Roll# 10126006 Name: Awais Nawaz


Tasks 1. Identify Products range they deal in H&M brand deals in: • Assecories • Suitning for women& men • High volume fashion basics for men&women • Swimwear • Nightwear • Underwear • Ladies Footwear • Cosmetics • Childrenwear • Children apparel 2. Identify Customers (Consumers) H&M brand’s customers are: • Men • Women • Teenagers • Children 3. Identify Means of Competition (Why will consumer buy the products??) H&M retail stores have products that are High Fashionable & Quality at low prices. H&M has advanced technology integration such as EDI, GPS and RFID.  EDI: H&M stores used EDI system to check the availability of the product in other stores.  GPS Technology: H&M has GPS technology, customers snap a picture of virtual articles of clothing and pinpoint a shopper’s location store where they did window shopping.  RFID: H&M used RFID system to track its product inventory and real-time location acsess for products in warehouse. There are differnet competitors of H&M like: • • • • Express Zara NY&C Forever 21


• GAP 4. Which are the infrastructure related aspects the company excels in H&M brand has its own distribution centre are quite good. H&M does not own any factories. Instead, clothes and other products are commissioned from around 700 independent suppliers, primiraly in Asia and Euorpe. H&M has 2200 retail stores operate in 40 countries around world. 5. Product sources Soureces of H&M brand are Asia and Euorpe.About two third of thier supplier have production in Asia. Asia product suppliers are: • • • • • • • China Compodia India Pakistan Indonesia South Korea and Sri Lanka.

The remaining suppliers are in Europe for the most part. They are: • • • • • • • • • 6. Turkey Italy Portugal Greece Bulgaria Romania Lithuania Poland and England. Supplier processes

Suppliers for H&M Brands are; Full production, private brand and branded manufacture. Full production: • • Supplier buys...
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