Globalization in India

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  • Published : January 27, 2013
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“Globalization in India”
Globalization affects nearly every country in the world in both positive and negative ways. Investigate and discuss this phenomenon based on the country that you are familiar with. You will have to present your findings/arguments by using empirical data/evidence identified from other sources.

Globalization “The shift towards a more integrated and interdependent world economy” “The close integration of countries and peoples of the world”( vuw,2013 )In regards to globalization of production, this is when production of goods and services are outsourced to another country due to cost of labor, energy, capital etc. being cheaper. Many corporations such as Telecom in New Zealand choose to outsource to India for utilities such as call centers steamed by cost of living being much lower in India thus the average wage rate also being much lower. Outsourcing therefore saves company money and positively affects India by providing more people with jobs thus making more individuals better off. “Positive role play by the forces of globalization in enabling poor countries to converge on the living standards of the rich ones” Mosley(2002) although there are positives to this movement there are also negatives , the social cost of employees in Indian call centers is becoming greater, causing a movement of unhappy employees losing a sense of real cultural identity. Global outsourcing of software development to India has become a phenomenon, having positive and negative repercussions of its own which will be describe in this essay. There are high ecological and social costs linked to globalization of agriculture in India which negatively impacts small farmers.

The phenomena of corporations developing software’s in India has increased significantly , the average wage rate for engineers and computer programmers in India is around $8000 NZ a year compared to New Zealand where there earn on average $70,000 a year ,over 6 times as...
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