F.I.T.T for Life

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The F.I.T.T Principle:

Frequency: The frequency of exercising must allow the body to adapt but rest and repair at the same time. For Cardio Repertory the recommended frequency is three times minimally a week and five to six times a week at most. Intensity: The intensity principle defines how much effort should be in one training session or in the training program. To make this principle effective there should be enough effort to overload the body to allow it to adapt but not as much as to over-train the body. Type: The Type of exercise you do depends on the outcomes you would like to achieve from you r program. There are 6 different types of training. These include fartlek, interval, continuous, circuit, weight and cross. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Time: Time outlines the amount of time spent on each session of training within your program. Time is based on the type of exercise and the intensity.

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Year 9

Year 9 Personal Health And Development Assignment

Part A: Research Task

Play For Life

* Recovery time improves
* Results appear in a shorter time period
* Disadvantages
* Strenuous on your body and easy to over train
* Knee or leg problems can cause difficulty speeding up between intervals. Continuous: Continuous training improves aerobic fitness and is recommended for people who have not trained for a long time. It is moderate exercise lasting for at least 15-20 minutes without rest. AN overload is achieved by increasing intensity, time and speed. * Advantages

* Improves aerobic fitness
* Cheap
* Can be done Individually or in a group
* Range of activities can be used
* Easy to apply F.I.T.T principle

PDHPE Year 9

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Interval Training

Fartlek Training

Fartlek: The word ‘Fartlek’ come from the Swedish definition of speed play. It combines low and high intensity and...
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