F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Resemblance of His Life in the Great Gatsby

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  • Published : June 14, 2011
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F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Resemblance of his life in The Great Gatsby Written in 1925, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald was a novel that reflected the negative aspect of the American Dream. Fitzgerald uses his novel The Great Gatsby as a medium through which he can convey his ambitions and his life experiences. Throughout the novel Fitzgerald shows how important his Irish descents are, as well as reflecting his romantic but tragic life in a world full of people that care only about their social status as well as the power of the wealthy. During the novel, Fitzgerald is personified in his work as two of the main characters (Jay Gatsby and Nick Carraway) and his never attained ambitions fulfilled.

F. Scott Fitzgerald reflects his roots as well as the struggle that the Irish people had in order to survive in a competitive society that reflected the end of this 19th century. Long Island, described as “Old Island” by Nick Carraway in the novel (Fitzgerald 180), was one of the first places where adventurers and immigrants settle to start a new life (Monteiro). Even if Fitzgerald was a proud American he was a man with Irish descent (Yardley); he reflects his roots by inserting in the novel the issue of the illegal selling of alcohol in time of prohibition. Jay Gatsby lives in Long Island, a way of Fitzgerald stating that even if he is American, he is part of the place where his ancestors first arrived. Irish immigrants would enter the new land with new aspirations and new desires, and the only way to survive would be by being involved many times in illegal business such as selling alcohol like Jay Gatsby did in the novel in order to make money, even if ironically Gatsby did not drink. On the contrast, Fitzgerald had begun drinking heavily when he was a young man at Princeton University becoming an alcoholic in the 1920s which lead him to have a very tragic and problematic life in the future (LitFinder Contemporary...
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