F. Scott Fitzgerald and Harrell Great Gatsby

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Ethan Moran
Period 4
Great Gatsby Chapter 1 Questions-
1) How does the narrator describe Gatsby? – At first the narrator describes him like ”extraordinary gift for hope and a romantic readiness”. 2) From where did the narrator come and why? – The narrator, Nick, came from the Midwest, Minnesota specifically to learn the bond business. 3) Describe the narrators house. - Nick lives a in a small house between two mansions. 4) Describe the Buchanans house. – A gigantic mansion.

5) How does Nick know Daisy and Tom? – Daisy is his cousin, and he went to school with Tom, he was his roommate in college. 6) Describe Tom. – Tom seems like a jerk, arrogant, cocky, and physically big, thinks he has authority over people. 7) What kind of person is Daisy? – A pretty socialite, young and ditzy. 8) What did Miss Baker tell Nick about Tom?- She told him that Tom has a mistress and is cheating on Daisy. 9) When asked about her daughter, what does Daisy say? – “I hope she’ll be a fool-that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.” 10) How is Gatsby introduced in the novel? Nick meets him at his party unknowingly.

Chapter 2
1) What is the Valley of Ashes? A metaphor for something that is missing that was once there. 2) What are “The eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg”? A billboard. 3) Who did Tom take Nick to meet? His mistress.

4) Identify Myrtle and George Wilson? Myrtle is Toms mistress and George is her husband. 5) What did Mrs. Wilson buy while she was out with Nick and Tom? A Dog. 6) Where did they go? What was on 158th Street? An apartment. 7) Identify Catherine and Mr. and Mrs. Mckee. – Catherine is Myrtles sister, and Mr. and Mrs. Mckee are the people who live downstairs in the apartment. 8) What does Mr. Mckee tell Nick about Gatsby? – That he is the nephew of Kaiser Wilhelm. 9) What reason did Myrtle give for marrying George Wilson? – She had originally thought he was a...
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