F-6 Markaz, Supermarket

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  • Published : April 12, 2011
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Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan was built during the 1960s. Islamabad population demographics are quite diverse having immigrants from almost all the areas of Pakistan. Moreover, a segment of Islamabad population also comprises of foreigners as all the embassies are located over here. Islamabad is relatively expensive as compared to Rawalpindi but those who can afford buying in Islamabad loves buying over there. Islamabad is divided into different sectors. Although sectors do have some shared value and life style but each sector has its own unique culture. Each sector has its own markaz and we are focusing on F-6 markaz (super market).

F-6 Markaz (Super market)

F-6 markaz which is commonly known as the Super market among the residents enjoys the key position to be one of the oldest, famous, and largest markets of Islamabad. This is one of the most popular markets among foreigners and you often see people belonging due to different ethnic backgrounds. Supermarket approximately comprises of 100 to 200 shops. A major reason for the foreigners wandering in the F-6 markaz is that the shopkeepers can speak English well, thus the communication barrier between them is solved and buying decision can be made easily. The market comprises of two to three story buildings and shop face out into parking lots. The parking area also comprises small well maintained lawn with benches for the buyers to relax for some moments in the shade of canopies.

A variety of commodities can be easily bought from these shops including food, clothing, grocery, jewelry, traditional shawls, shoes and a lot more. Super market is also popular among the youngsters for its restaurants which make it a popular hanging spot. Trendy guys wearing expensive branded clothes in their lavish cars and heavy bikes can be seen hanging around there. Girls normally visit the market with their family members and friends. Some of the most popular branded shops in Super Market include Cambridge, Levis, HushPuppies, Mother Care, and Sony etc. Other famous well established Pakistani branded shops includes Bata, Servis, Stylo, Khaadi Khas, Tana Bana, Sha Posh, Charcoal etc. One can also enjoy popular and delicious food at different cuisines and fast food spots in the Markaz including Nandos, Chopsticks, Chae Khana, KFC, Munchies etc. Pharmaceutical and cosmetic stores like Shaheen, D-Watson, Islamabad store and Al-Kausar are also present in this Markaz. Bookshops such as Mr. Books, Mr. Books 2, Durani, and Vanguard Books have wide range of National and International books. Almost 25 % of the market is covered by Handicraft shops which represents the rich culture and traditions of Pakistani society. There is a special flower market in the premises of this Markaz.

Selected Shops

We surveyed the market and identified the following shops having the same aura and depicting the buying behavior of the people living in this area.

Data Collection Method

We have collected information about the target market of market through questionnaire, interviews and observation. We have taken sample size of 50 for questionnaire.

1. Nando’s

Nando’s, South African chain by origin, is one of the new entrants in the city of Islamabad. They have chosen the location of F-6 markaz for opening its cuisine. It is known for the Mexican cuisine. Nandos is famous among the lovers of steaks and peri peri chicken. Peri Peri chicken is served hot grilled and the chicken used is fresh for the tastier finish. Nando's chicken has been said to be the eighth wonder of the world - the taste that dreams are made of, an experience like no other.

Positioning of Nando’s:

“For all those tasty & spicy food lovers who want mouth watering fresh brilliantly cooked chicken dishes at affordable prices, Nando’s give a memorable world class chicken experience with consistent quality, value and commitment to its customer base.”

AIOD of Nando’s

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