Earth´S Lungs

Topics: Sun, Earth, Climate Pages: 3 (828 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Earth’s Lungs

Do you know that the life in the Earth can disappear if people do not care for the forests? Do you know why? There is a big reason for this to happen. First forests are considered like the lungs of the Earth because there are a lot of plants in these places and they purify the air. Second, forests have the power to control weather, for instance the rain, wind, and others. Finally, these places are the home of many animals and they balance the nature inside these habitats. In fact, forests are very important in the world because they have valuable benefits; for example, they balance the weather, purify the air and protect animals.

Scientists are concerned about the destruction of forests because they are very important to balance the weather in the world and people have to care for these amazing places. First, forests have the control of the principal components of weather because each tree has specific functions to make that possible. For example, they can control the wind, the moisture of a place, the amount of water in the rain, and the temperature of the place where they are located. Subsequently, forests create microclimates inside the place where they are located. In fact, these places are humid and rainy all the time, but depending the kind of forests, it can change, sometimes they can be hot and dry. On the other hand, many people do not care for these places and they cause a serious damage to the world. For instance, they cause fires, contaminate and destroy the environment around these places. In conclusion, forests have the control of the weather’s world because they have specific characteristics that make them invaluable and important for us.

Our world has unique components that allow the existence of life, but the role that forests and air play are very important. Forests are known as “The Lungs of the World” because if we compare the functions of human’s lungs and forests, they have the same function. Thus, forests can purify...
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