E=Mc2 Essay Summary

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The film starts out by describing how the equation E=mc² came about explaining each variable and the scientist’s whose ideas helped develop E=mc². In the movie E as in energy was explained first. Before energy’s discovery people thought that it was a composition of random forces acting upon someone or something that created movement. Michael Faraday went from being a blacksmith and became a scientist after being inspired after attending a speech from his idol Sir Humphrey Davy. Faraday came up with the idea of energy when he suggested that energy, which in the beginning he called a force, which ran around the wire and caused the compass to not point in the direction of the current. He later proved this through an experiment which became a huge breakthrough in this time period. In future experiments Michael Faraday proposed that light is really just an electromagnetic wave, but it took almost 15 years for him to convince the skeptics that this is really true. This was due to the help of Professor James Clerk Maxwell who through the use of his mathematical skill was able to back up Faraday’s proposal. James Clarke proved that the speed of light is 670 million miles per hour.

More than 100 yrs. before Einstein existence Antoine Lavoisier was obsessed with obtaining an answer to the connection between all matter on earth. Though not a scientist by trade but head of tax enforcement in Paris, Lavoisier came up with the idea that no matter is ever lost and no matter is ever gained. This was proven through an experiment which involved turning water into gas and measuring its mass, the final gas sample measured the same mass as the initial sample of water. His ideas helped in the development of m into the equation.

Emilie du Chatelet was a brilliant woman who unfortunately was born during times where being a woman hold back. Chatelet proposed that Isaac Newton’s equation for force F=mv was incorrect and that the true equation is F=mv². This was...
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