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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Collin Fryman

Introductory Speech


I (Attention-Getter) In the fall of the year 2012 19.7 million students enrolled in college/University.

II (Credibility and Tie to Audience) In the future I would love to attend a college/university. My family strives to keep me motivated to do my very best to hopefully achieve this goal.

III (Thesis and Preview of Points) by speaking to you today I hope that I can introduce a little bit more about me, more specifically my family, sports I partake in, and also my aspirations moving forward in life.


I. My family is and always will be there for me whenever I need them. A. My parents provide all the pieces for me to be a respectful young adult, it is my job to fit the pieces together and strive to become a great person in society. B. My sister has helped so much through this new transition I have made into high school. She has guided me through the whole nerve racking experience and offered a helping hand when needed.

(Transition) My dad has always inspired and pressed me to reach my full potential and to perform to the best of my ability when it comes to sports.

II. Sports have always been something enjoyable for me to do, I love every minute of the time spent playing sports. A. Whether I am playing for fun or competing you will never see anyone else on the court/field giving more effort than me. B. Sports have taught me a great deal about life, for example to never stop giving it your all because things will eventually turn around, and your results are dependent on how much energy time and effort you put into something.

(Transition) Sports have shown me all the keys to being successful in life and have made me realize that it’s going to take a lot of dedication and hard work to have a great future.

III. I realize that I must stay focused in order to achieve all of my goals in life. A. I would love to attend a prestigious university after my hopefully successful...
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