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  • Published : March 22, 2013
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Abstract for
Design and Implementation of E-Voting System
The project is aimed at providing a user-friendly online voting system. Introduction:
Internet voting will allow the casting of electronic ballots from virtually any location around the world. If the network used is the Internet, this fact may be emphasized by using the term Internet voting instead. In day-to-day life the voting system used at present is the EBM (Electronic Ballet Marker) which has facilities like taking the vote, counting the number of votes for a particular candidate. If the system is made online there can be much faster voting systems and the facilities will be higher like after the voting process is complete we can actually get a pictorial representation of the votes casted. Also it can be more secure and faster implementation. There is no need of any supervising the voting process except for one administrator at the computer. Existing System:

1. There are websites which are implementing the e-voting system already like facebook, simply voting.com 2. In more general way the common system used outside is the EBM. Proposed System:
1. Voter will be able to vote only if he is authenticated. He should give his ID and password. 2. The Nominees can give some message before the voter actually votes. 3. Inspection is on both voter and the nominee.

4. Any user can be reported as suspected and proper order can be maintained while voting. 5. Abused users can be verified and blocked if necessary. 6. There can be different options like giving ranks to the nominees and selecting more than one option can also be done if necessary. Language to be used: Java applet programming so that the applet can be embedded in any website
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