E-Training; The New Method of Employee Training

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  • Published : November 12, 2007
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One of the biggest challenges involving the Human Resource Development field is the topic of e-training as a way of training the workforce. E-training is an approach to delivering custom learning solutions targeted to the specific learning objectives of an organization. With a multitude of training methods available to organizations, there seems to be a continuous growth with which organizations are switching to an e-learning environment. How organizations are currently addressing e-training in the workplace is one area this research paper will look into. The cost to implement an e-training program is one of the challenges facing HRD practitioners. Some other challenges that are important are finding the appropriate resources and getting management's support for the program. The research for this paper will look into these challenges trainers face when it comes to designing and implementing an effective e-training program. It will also look into the advantages and disadvantages that e-training contributes to an organization. It will report on the impact of effectiveness and profitability, and competitiveness of the organization. We will in addition look into some organizations that are currently addressing/ignoring e-learning. We will look into organizations that are doing training and the reasons they are doing it. Finally we will look at some anticipations concerning e-training in the future. Current Happenings

Organizations are making the switch to an e-training environment for many reasons. Companies are able to train more employees for fewer dollars. This has a direct impact on the bottom line of the organization as employees are able to develop the necessary skills in a more timely fashion. This reduction in time spent training correlates to savings on salaries and opportunity costs. Increased internal/external customer satisfaction has led to higher retention rates for organizations. The global environment of today is driven by access, information and speed. E-training eliminates any geographical constraints that would have played a part in deciding whether to implement a training program. E-training can also turn a hard and boring classroom training program into an exciting and compelling one. As can be seen from the chart below, going to an e-learning/training environment will quickly become the most dominant form of training in organizations.

This has major implications for Human Resource Development practitioners. Many Fortune 500 companies plan to expand the role of e-learning in their organizations. They believe e-learning will make considerable contributions to the training initiatives of the organization. Some organizations that have addressed the issue of e-training are Wal-Mart, United Parcel Services, and Toyota. These organizations will be discussed later on in the paper. Advantages

The most obvious advantage to e-training is the convenience and flexibility it provides. With a traditional training method, planning when and where to deliver the material can prove to be a headache if your organization lacks the necessary resources. The factor of productivity also is a disadvantage to a traditional training method. The employee will be away from work so the company loses his production yet still has to pay the individual. If they send an employee to a training seminar, they must pay the fee plus hotel and airfare. These costs can add up depending on how many employees you include in the training program. All of these negatives such as downtime, lost productivity, and travel expenses can be significantly reduced by implementing an effective e-training program. The employee will have the ability to access the material at any time and as many times as necessary to master the objective. Having the ability to work at your own pace is also an advantage from the employee perspective. Some employee's might not be able to go through a traditional training program and retain enough information...
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