E*Trade Group Inc - All Matrix Analysis

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  • Published : January 7, 2009
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1.Overview of E*Trade
4.Stock Information
5.Goals and Objectives
6.The Two Divisions

7.Their Mission and Vision Statement
8.New Mission and Vision Statement
9.External Opportunities and Threats
10.Internal Strengths and Weaknesses
a.SWOT Matrix
12.Key Ratios
13.Different Strategies


E*Trade Financial Corp. or known as E*Trade Group Inc. (changed name later on) in an online brokerage firm that trades equities, keeps portfolios updated and obtains market information. It receives commission from each trade and offers 15,200 ATM Machines. E*Trade is becoming a complete financial support by offering every service you need in your financial life.
E*Trade is active in 10 other countries:
New Zealand
Hong Kong
United Kingdom


It was founded by Bill Porter, a physicist & inventor in 1982. There was an opportunity to capitalize on potentially discount brokerage so Bill Porter came up with the idea that allows individuals to use their own personal computers to invest, and this would pay less that traditional brokerage fees.

In 1992 the company became E*Trade Securities Inc. and began offering online investing services through AOL and CompuServe.

In 1996 There was an increase in E*Trade services by them launching www.etrade.com website. In August the Company went public (IPO) and had another stock offering 1 year later when Porter handed the company over to Christos Cotsakos. He has over 20 years of senior management experience at Federal Express and A.C. Neilson Under new guidance E*Trade became a global leader in online personal financial services with branded web sites around the world.

In 2000 E*Trade bank introduced the first purchase of Telebanc Financial (now E*Trades Financial) an online bank with more than 100,000 deposits. E*Trade bought Card Capture Services (now E*Trade Access) the operator of 9,000 ATM’s across the U.S. It acquired Canadian firm VERSUS Technologies; a provider of electronic trading services. The International Capital announced plans to offer IPO to European Investors.

In 2001 E*Trade entered consumer leading business when acquired online mortgage originator Loans Direct (now E*Trade Mortgage). E*Trade Mortgage had 3,400 employees at the end of 2003 which was only down 5 employees from 2003.

In 2003 revenues increased to $2008 Million and net income increased to $203 Million.

E*Trade Financial Corp:

Goals and Objectives:

Goals and objectives of E*Trade are as follows;
To provide financial solutions to retail and institutional customers globally. •“In the Internet economy, the only competitive advantage is speed. We’ve got to move quickly and powerfully with one another to achieve our goals. We must operate in a global context always ready to adapt to emerging opportunities. We thrive on chaos. We feel empowered to act quickly and adjust as often as needed. And if we fail, we learn from it and restart in the direction of our goals. We are risk-takers.” •Offers retail investing, trading products, services with automated order placement and limit equity, futures, options, exchange-traded funds, bond orders; real-time streaming quotes, commentary, and news; advanced trading platforms, for traders, personalized portfolio tracking and access to more than 7,000 mutual funds.

Division of ET

E*trade covers two sectors they are;


Includes the E*Trade Bank
Access to 15,200 ATM’s
VERSUS Technology
TIR Holding Limited

The service center for institutional investors, comprises the Global & Institutional segment 2.Brokerage

Cash accounts or also called a margin account, with or without the options trading feature....
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