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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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How Does E-Trade Really See Us?
There are many different commercials on television everyday, advertising many different items and services, to many different audiences. One company in particular, E-Trade, a stock broker company, has a series of commercials using a baby in them. They're very popular and the "E-Trade Baby" has become an iconic figure on television. The advertisements usually show the baby sitting in a high chair using some high form of electronics, speaking in what sounds like the voice of a thirty year old man, about financial services. (ETRADE TOP 5) That's a lot to take in, for the average person, in thirty seconds. E-Trade's commercials use comedy, real insightful information, age and social classes, and Asbury 2 sexism to manipulate their targeted audience into taking part in their services.

Comedy is something everybody enjoys as it brings happiness to them. The commercial uses the irony of an infant speaking in a grown man's voice to bring laughter to the audience. It uses the surprise of the baby being able to use a computer with ease to make the commercial humorous. E-Trade also has the baby use a very sarcastic dialogue that makes him sound nearly cocky as in he's smarter than everybody else as a baby. In one of the commercials, the baby is said to be grounded and stuck in his crib and has an Ipad taken away from him. The baby then pulls out an Iphone after the mother leaves making it seem as though he out-smarted her and this is seen as comical. In another commercial the baby is shown hitting on a woman, who looks to be in her twenties, saying "What's poppin babe?" (ETRADE Top 5) This could be viewed as funny, with anybody saying it, but especially a baby. Using comedy can be...
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