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To ease the process of submission of visa applications by citizens of Bangladesh, digital ‘Etoken’ system has been introduced for Bangladeshi Passport holders, applying for visa at Indian Visa Application Centres (IVAC) at Gulshan, Dhaka and Motijheel, Dhaka with effect from November 15, 2009. 2. Procedure for visa application is as given below: • • • Bangladesh Passport holders wishing to apply for visa to travel to India must visit website www.ivacbd.com and log on to ‘E-Token system’. Applicant must fill up all mandatory fields as indicated therein. Applicant is required to choose a date for submission of visa application from available dates shown in the field, and the place of submission i.e. IVAC, Gulshan or IVAC, Motijheel. Only one registration will be allowed for available dates. Applicant need to take a printout of ‘E- token’ in A4 size paper. Applicant should go to IVAC Gulshan or IVAC Motijheel, as indicated in E- token, on the date for which the token has been issued along with (i) the print out of ‘E-token’ (ii) duly filled in visa application, and (iii) all necessary documents. Visa applications are accepted at IVAC Gulshan from 0800 hrs to 1200 hrs, and at IVAC Motijheel from 0800 hrs to 1100 hrs. ‘E- Token’ is not valid beyond the date for which it has been issued. One member of a family is permitted to submit visa applications on behalf of other family members, subject to a maximum of five visa applications per day and subject to production of proof of relationship. For this purpose, family constitutes spouse, children and parents.

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3. Emergency medical cases require valid ‘E-token’ but may seek priority at medical emergency counter at IVAC, Gulshan. (Contact person: Manager (Adm), IVAC, Gulshan. Tel 02-8833632 / 9893006)


Visa applications of Hon’ble Members of Parliament and Judiciary; Chairman/ CEO/

Managing Director of...
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