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Executive summary
Information technology through the ages has undergone many changes and become a part of human’s life. Consequently, a lot of innovations have appeared over the last two centuries. The invention of computers is one of the greatest humankind's inventions. Nowadays, People cannot exist without computer, further PCs are required in any companies, industries and businesses in order to increase the quality of productive profits, to store its data and make different kinds of operations. It is very difficult to imagine life without computers in office or workplace. The following report gives information about modernization of environment, improvements in a security system, hardware and installed software which will be used in the Mega Cinema. These tools will make the purchasing system of e-ticket more suitable to both consumers and also employees.


As the representatives of the group Invaders, we have researched the improvement of ticket reservation and have described equipment of special MegaCinema card system. However, we also included online reservation and improvement of MegaCinema’s website. Owing to our system, every person can get easy access for obtaining information about movies, and moreover, can reserve the tickets from any part of city by using Internet services. At the same time, our report includes the innovation of security system that gives easier way to control the entering to the cinema. The system of observation was also involved to the security service. In order to this innovation, conflicts and misunderstandings between administration and customers can be escaped. First of all, our report will show overview of Mega-Planet and the process of new reservation system. The way of creating special ID cards and diagram with all hardware’s will be also involved to the first part. Then, the security system will continue the branch of our data. And, at the end, the conclusion will be given.

2.0 MegaCinema overview

Mega-Planet is known as the largest hypermarket in Uzbekistan was constructed in 2010 and located in Yunosobod district. The building contains 5 floors and 2 floor underground parking. Shopping markets, banks, pharmacies, playground, electronics stores and groceries are involved into the first three floors. The fourth floor is the main area of multinational meals and cinema. The last floor is place for smoking. As for MegaCinema, it includes 2 simple and 1 with 3D glasses halls. Furthermore, there is a bar in the lobby of cinema.

The plan of cinema you can find in Appendix A.

Generally, Mega-Planet has peaceful and enjoyment atmosphere.

3.0 Reservation system

Our reservation system begins with creating of private cabinet in the website of MegaCinema (https://www.megacinema.uz ). Every person, who has access to Internet, can create private account. There are few steps for creating that will be described.

The location of private cabinet
1.There is button “Account” that will be located on the website 2.There will 2 free spaces, button “Registration” and “Forgot Password” “Registration”
1.Customer’s information should be written during the registration 2.The information will be divided into “Needed Point” and “Not important”. Necessary points will be marked “*”.It means, that customer MUST write the data into those spaces “Forgot Password”

There is some useful information that can be used if the password will be forgotten. 1.The special personal questions will be helpful to restore customer’s account. 2.Old password will be sent to the customer’s email.

3.Online customer’s care. All problems with loosing account can be solved by this service. “MegaAccount”
First of all, there are several sections that customer can observe in the cabinet: 1.“My account” – there will be the information that was written during the registration. 2.“Deposit” – the way of charging customer’s account 3.“History” - tracking for all...
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