E-Recruitment Pros and Cons

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  • Published : May 27, 2012
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Recruitment is the process of searching for qualified job applicants. Recruitment involves personnel planning, sourcing candidates, screening and selecting the qualified person to fill the job. Recruitment can be carried out with variety of methods, namely; job fair, selection consultancy, head-hunters, temporary agencies, advertisements, employee networking (word of mouth), colleges, universities and careers service and union or professional referral. Other than those, recruitment can be done using the Internet.

E-recruitment is also the process of recruitment, except that it utilizes electronic resources, more particularly, the Internet. Digital recruiting has however separated the recruitment process into the traditional recruitment and the revolutionized method, e-recruitment. Similar as to how the Internet has improved the way we share information nowadays, e-recruitment has also enhanced the way recruitment is done. There are a lot of positive prospects to look for with e-recruitment. Nonetheless, it also has some other drawbacks.

There are numbers of advantages. The first pro is the job market achieved. Using e-recruitment, organizations are able to reach a broader target and more qualified candidates. In terms of broader target, the Internet is used by people globally. Hence, the reach is worldwide. Whilst, medium such as newspapers only able to reach local people. More job seekers would become aware of the vacancies offered as people from all over the world has access to the information 24/7 around the clock and regardless of geographic boundaries. Other than that, in terms of more qualified candidates available, organizations can widen their sourcing scope. As more job seekers are available, a huge number of potentially qualified candidates can be accessed. I agree with the fact that most applicants that exist through the Internet are mostly young, computer literate, educated and much important, have interest in the recruiting organization. The...
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