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Southern Railway has successfully rolled out e-procurement system and all advertised tenders of Materials Management department have already been uploaded in the web site www.ireps.gov.in which can be accessed under the link www.ireps.gov.in→SR→COS In order to participate in e-tenders, it is essential that you register in the website using the link www.ireps.gov.in→New Vendors. Please note that possession of valid class-III type of Digital Signatures Certificate with Company Name is a pre-requisite for registration. Digital Signatures can be obtained from the certifying agencies ,details of which are available in the website www.cca.gov.in. In case DSC is available on individual name, necessary arrangement may be made to possess the DSC with Company Name Before registration, please visit the link www.ireps.gov.in→Learning Center→Vendor User Manual wherein the Vendor User manual with detailed guidelines for registration and participation in the tenders are available for downloading. To familiarise yourself with registration process,you can also register in our trial site www.trial.ireps.gov.in which does not require a digital signature certificate. On successful registration an e-mail will be generated by the system to your email id with username and password using which you can login and submit your bids electronically. If you find any difficulty in registering you can contact

AMM/MMIS and his team (New Joint Office / Ground floor), who will be pleased to help you in registration. In case you are fulfilling all conditions required in www.ireps.gov.in, kindly intimate the details of DSC, email-id to this office (Controller of Stores, Southern Railway, New Joint Office, Ayanavaram, Chennai-23) at the earliest by Fax(044-26478723) / e-mail ( store@sr.railnet.gov.in) duly quoting this Railway Vendor Code if available

Vendors can also attend the training...
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