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The Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) are saddled with the problems of inadequate physical and financial resources, technical capabilities and extremely limited computerization. As a result, the potential of PRIs as the preferred delivery channel for the schemes of State and Centre as well as for citizen services has not been fully realised. While some computerization efforts for PRIs have been made by NIC over the years, the e-Governance revolution sweeping the country has not touched the PRIs yet in significant measure. The Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Government of India has therefore decided to take up the computerization of PRIs on a mission mode basis.


* Enabling Panchayats to better deliver its mandated services to the Citizens through IT * Enabling PRIs to use IT as a tool for transparency, disclosure of services to Citizens and social audit * Improving internal management processes and decision making in Panchayats * Enabling PRIs to use IT for electronic tagging and tracking of funds transferred to Panchayats, including rapid bank transfer of funds, tracking the expenditure of the Panchayats


The project will be led by the centre and implemented by states. Hence a three-tier structure is proposed for program governance of e-Panchayat MMP implementation: * Central Level Bodies - Headed by Program Review Board (PRB). The second layer would consist of key committees to act as advisory committees to the PRB on various aspects such as Technical, Functional, e-Governance Standards and Change management and the third one will be the Central Programme Management Unit (CPMU). * State Level Bodies - Headed by State Apex Programme Management Committee. The second layer will be the State Programme Management Unit (SPMU) * District Level Bodies - District Programme Management Committee and will be headed by CEO ZP of the District.

The services offered by...
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