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E-OPS Games Post-Simulation Report

* Your best overall profit and performance ratio;

First try : my best Overal profit after 1 hours 48 minutes 53 seconds of game was 1 540 068 $ and I got a ratio of 131.

Not happy with my first try and realising that I made some mistake, I try a second time and my overall profit after 2 hours 41 minutes and 29 seconds was 3 121 853 $ and I got a ratio of 179. After finishing this Post simulation report, I try a third and last time and in 9 minutes 46 seconds my overall profit was 112 092$ with a ratio of 106,3.

* Your initial strategy prior to the first attempt at playing the game;

“Which knows other and knows itself, can fight hundred battles without never being in danger. Who does not know the other but knows itself, for each victory, will know a defeat. Who knows neither the other nor itself, will lose all the battles ineluctably. ” Sun Tzu, The Art of War, translation

Prior to start the game, I just review what was the rule, then I summarize the following board to know exactly how much cost a computer (I want to know the others)

| Cost| Computer 1| | Computer 2| |
Memory| 20 $| 1| 20 $| 2| 40 $|
CPU1| 80 $| 1| 80 $| | |
CPU2| 160 $| | | 1| 160 $|
Disk| 100 $| 1| 100 $| 1| 100 $|
Labour| 20 $| 1| 20 $| 1| 20 $|
| | | 220 $| | 320 $|

The Raw material start state was the following, the present cash could be spent to increase the raw material in stock to produce more computer of each type as follow (I know myself)

| Start state| Max Computer #165 computers| Raw material order required| Max Computer #245 computer| Raw material order required| Cash| 10 000| | -9900| | -10000|
Memory| 40| 1| 25| 2| 50|
CPU1| 20| 1| 45| | |
CPU2| 10| | | 1| 35|
Disk| 20| 1| 45| 1| 25|
Labour| 20| 1| 60| 1| 45|

I figure out (after knowing the others and myself) : the first think to do was to buy the raw material right now to be able to build 65 computer #1, then, we had to enter manufacturing order to start producing 2 batch (one of 30 and one of 35 computer #1) this is giving enough time (1minutes 15 seconds) to sale our 2 batch production. We have to sale the first batch ASAP for the best offer possible (sale price was between 320$ & 550$ approximately with an Avg around 400$) to create a cash return to purchase more new raw material and starting to postponing the delivery of it (30 sec if possible). At the start of the game there is two critical factor: the idle time and the cash flow. Every second that we are not producing, is a computer not produce and an indirect lost of profit. We have to produce quick small batch and sale small batch now. We show the process as follow. When we have enough cash flow, we could start to improve the different phase (I will aboard how in a following point). Here is how I conceptualised the issues for the critical factor.

* If multiple attempts were made to improve profit and performance ratio, what changes were made to your strategy as your experience with the game improved;

The reason why I redo a second and a third attempts after my first try is simple, I want to improve my profit and performance ratio. I figure out that the best option was to start the small batch production of 30 computers and to sale them on a short notice at the highest price possible after querying 2-3 times to find the best offer normally above 500$ for computer #1 and above 600$ for computer #2. I try to keep the idle time at the minimum to get the better performance and a process small batch. At the third time, I master the process and this is explaining why in a very little time, I get a good ratio.

* What trade-offs (if any) had to be made between the various functions: purchasing, manufacturing, and sales in order to improve overall performance of the factory?

I found two trade-off possible :

The first trade-off is...
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