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Topics: Enterprise architecture, Enterprise Architecture framework, Federal Enterprise Architecture Pages: 3 (946 words) Published: April 29, 2013
An Evaluation of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
for E-Government

Abstract :
This paper focuses on the challenges and problems like interoperability, integration , complexity and lack of standards faced while developing an E-government systems. This paper also proposes that the enterprise architecture is the efficient tool in facing those problems. The four widespread enterprise architectures are evaluated from two perspectives, non-functional perspective critical for success of e-government systems and how Enterprise architectural frameworks address these problems and second perspective is based on development issues. Based on these analysis architecture for future is also proposed. The paper focused for the comparison and evaluation of available EAF(Enterprise Architecture Frameworks) the common ground should be provided. This helps architects in the selection of appropriate framework to develop the enterprise architecture and also helps in understanding the EA ability to respond to the changes and achieving business goals even though a framework is selected before. The four major EAFS AEAF, TOGAF, FEAF, TEAF are compared against the organizational interoperability, semantic interoperability, technical interoperability, agility , integration, reusability for the Non-functional perspective. For the Evaluation against the development issues criteria’s like Architecting process, service orientation, cloud enablement, architecture modeling , evaluation and governance , reference models, complexity management and documentation are considered. Critique :

To collect common architecture information and build repository for storing the information Enterprise Architecture Framework(EAF) is the collaboration tool need. As the author stated it is true that the EAF will support standards and defines how to develop the target EA and its components. The different EAF’s are designed to address specific needs and concerns of an organization. It is quite...
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