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Good afternoon tutor and students. I would like to present you an e-marketing plan proposal of Royal Brisbane and women’s hospital foundation today. During the proposal I would like to introduce the RBWH foundation company and clearly identify the website that forms the basis.

As many of the people know, Royal Brisbane and women’s hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Queensland. However, the RBWH foundation is the charity arm of the hospital that was first publicly in 1985. There are two of the mean projects in RBWH foundation; there are Mother’s Milk Bank and P.A.R.T.Y. Program. It also has the largest cancer services in Queensland. Therefore, the aim of the foundation is to raising funds to help and save lifes.

The marketing and communication of Royal Brisbane and women’s hospital foundation are promoting on different ways. Such as newsletters by emails, Royal Mums, information on the Queensland health website, RBWH’s own websites and facebook page. As everyone knows, Internet communication is the fastest way to marketing the brand name and the best way to advertising the company. A website should have four generic objectives on it. It should be strategic, integrated, targeted or measurable. This is called marketing effectiveness.

However, a successful website must have the key website measurement. Site usage, site content analysis, quantity assurance and how visitor arrived at the site.

Home page is the first impression of the websites; it is the most important part. We can clearly see that there is a big labeled of the company name on the left top. It makes a clear mind of the name to the visitors.

Also there is a big “donate now” button on the right top as this is an institution of donation charity. It makes more comfortable for the visitor where the way they can donate. Also make a clearly mind for the visitor what is the meant purpose of this institution want.

The menu bar of the home page site shows up all the based...
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