E-Marketing Chapter 2

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1) What is strategic planning and why do companies prepare a SWOT analysis during the strategic planning process? Strategic planning is in short creating goals for growth, competitive position, and geographic scope of the business. A SWOT analysis allows a company to take notice and monitor any strength, alleviate any weaknesses, take advantage of any opportunities and create a competitive advantage to stay ahead of any threats/competition.

2) How does e-business strategy relate to strategy on the corporate level? Whether a traditional business model is used or an e-business model, the main focus is that the organization sustains its self in the long term. The only difference with an e-business model is that it reaches its goals by utilizing information technology.

3) Define e-marketing strategy and explain how it is used?
This is the design of a marketing strategy that capitalizes on the organization’s electronic or information technology capabilities to reach specified objectives. This could be the collection of customer information at the time of purchase, and in turn sending out coupons or offers that relate to those customers past purchases and making educated guesses at what other products/services they may be interested in.

4) How is e-commerce defined?
E-commerce is the use of digital technologies such as the Internet and bar code scanners to enable the buying and selling process. E-commerce is about transactions through distribution channels and e-tailing.

5) What is an Internet pure play, and what are some examples? A pure play is businesses that started out online such as Facebook, Amazon, or eBay and continue to conduct the majority of their business online.
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