E-Loading Business Application

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R Load Company Logo

Circles – symbolizes fortune and prosperity. The circle shapes are design to attract more customers that provides high-profit rate to the company. Cellular Phone – symbolizes fast and good communication. The cellular phone helps us to give a reliable, fast, and accurate services that we can provide to our valued customers Networks – our company sells loads to all kinds of network that a customer have. Yellow background – symbolizes happiness, joy and a good morning that brings new opportunities. Our company is designed to make every customer happy and satisfied in every services we give to them. R Load Mission

Our company R Load is dedicated in:
-providing good communication to people with retail load.
-offering fast and reliable service to all customers.
-increasing the productivity of customers through better communication -giving cheap and affordable load for all users

R Load Vision
After a year, our company R Load envisions itself as a business: - earning significant profit from e-loading
-with vast number of customers which are satisfied
-with good reputation among the community and other business practitioners -having a huge increase in capital
-that have trained workers capable of doing the job

Company Name: R Load
The “R” in our company’s name stands for- reliable, reasonably priced and with really fast service. This shows that are e-loading business is truly dedicated in serving people because of this said characteristics. We said that we are reliable because information given to us such as phone number will not be used in any other way other than loading. Our load is also reasonably priced to ensure that it will remain affordable to our customers. You are assured that prices are within budget reach. Really fast service is guaranteed, so calling or texting will never be delayed. Retail e-loading will benefit mostly students due to their limited allowances. With us, they could purchase load in small denominations such as 15 pesos that is surely within their budget. We are also conveniently located so they don’t have to exit the campus just to purchase load. Nature of the Business:

The nature of our business is retailing. We offer load denominations in small amounts such 15, 30, 60 pesos which is more affordable than those load purchased thru cards. Loads bought in prepaid cards are usually more expensive ranging from a hundred to a thousand pesos. Also unlike postpaid, in which you have to pay a fixed amount every month, load in retail is a lot cheaper making it ideal for our target market which are mostly students. Students have lower budget for load because of their limited allowances therefore, they will benefit much from lower amount of load offered to them. Company’s Objectives

Long-term Objectives:
To provide a quality service that can fulfill the satisfactory standards of our valued customers. •To maintain a good reputation of our company name in order to give our valued customers 100% accuracy of our service. •To give new opportunities to regular entrepreneurs to earn an extra income. •To make our company bigger and highly competitive towards economic competitor and to last longer. Short-term Objectives:

To make every ordinary customer earn by giving a chance to participate and take parts of the profits generated by this business through promotion using word of mouth advertising. •Provide adequate trainings and seminars to employees to increase the productivity rate of their output. •Give sufficient information to the public users

Respond or update the system to cope up to an ever –changing environment.

B.Pre-Operating Expenses:
How to start the business operations:
The business has to be registered in various government agencies before it operates. Business registration is undertaken for the following purposes. •To establish the legal personality of the business.

To obtain the permit to operate (PTO)
To comply with the...
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