E-Library - Requirements Specification

Topics: Digital rights management, Library, E-book Pages: 6 (1654 words) Published: January 25, 2012
E-Library - Requirements Specification

Author:Jíri Walek

1.1.Overview of the E-Library System2
1.3.Abbreviations and Terms2
2.Administration Requirements3
1.4.Types of User Accounts and Permissions3
1.5.Administration Interfaces3
3.User Requirements4
1.6.Online User Registration4
1.7.User Login/out4
1.8.Catalog Search4
1.9.Catalog Quick Search4
1.10.Catalog Browsing5
1.11.Advanced Catalog Browsing5
1.12.Create Select List5
1.13.Check Out eBooks6
1.14.Explicit eBook “Return”6

This document is an example of a Software Requirements Specification document which can be imported into Polarion, then exported and re-imported in a collaborative process utilizing the Word Round-trip feature. It is intended for demonstration only.

The document describes a fictitious online eBook lending library with optional eBook online sales component. The focus is on simplicity rather than depth and completeness, that you may more easily understand the Document features. 1.1.Overview of the E-Library System

This system provides an online portal analogous to a public library where registered patrons can borrow books. The main difference is of course that the books in the library catalog are all in electronic formats which incorporate Digital Rights Management (DRM) enabling the system to “lend” an allowed number of copies to registered users. In addition, when a book has the proper rights, the E-Library can sell patrons a license for a personal copy of the electronic book which they can retain permanently. 1.2.Keywords

This document contains keywords which correspond to Severity values in the Polarion system when to document is imported for management by Polarion. DOCUMENT KEYWORDPOLARION SEVERITY VALUEMEANING

“MUST_HAVE”must_haveNo release without
“SHOULD_HAVE”should_haveMay slip to next release if time runs short “MAY_HAVE”may_haveMay be included in release if dependent things are implemented, otherwise will not be included “OPTIONAL”optionalMay be included in release if time/resources allow, otherwise will be postponed to another release 1.3.Abbreviations and Terms

Carti.e. “shopping cart” – a collection of one or more eBooks that a patron has marked for purchase during the current session CatalogThe database of eBooks available for loan and possibly for sale as well Check OutThe act of “borrowing” an eBook from the library. Term is not used in reference to the process of paying for a purchased eBook (see Purchase) Check InThe act or “returning” a previously “borrowed” (checked out) eBook. DRMDigital Rights Management

eBookAn electronic book or other publication lent or sold by the E-Library system ISBNInternational Standard Book Number
LCLibrary of Congress
Loansee Lend
LendThe process of flagging an eBook so the appropriate DRM understands that one of the allowable number of “copies” has been allocated to a patron for the lending period. PatronA user of the E-Library portal

PurchaseThe process by which library patrons purchase a DRM license for a personal copy of an eBook. Also the action of a user navigating into the process for purchasing the eBooks listed in their Cart. StoreAn area of the portal that lists a subset of the library’s eBooks, that being eBooks for which users may purchase a license for a personal copy of the eBook.

2.Administration Requirements
This section outlines the main requirements that relate to administration and management of the E-Library system. 1.4.Types of User Accounts and Permissions
The system must provide for the following types of user accounts: ACCOUNT TYPE NAMEPERMISSIONS
AdministratorUser can access any component or area of the system including accounts of other users LibrarianUser can access the catalog management features of the system PatronUser can access the general library features, including...
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