E-Learning Management System

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E-Learning Management System by Astra Philippines

The e-Learning Management System is a customizable web based application to facilitate employee education and evaluation and simplify company training and educational materials gathering.

Support for employee trainings

The progress of employee trainings, including attendance and exam results, can be monitored.


Instructional materials can be freely updated and monitored through a content management system.


Since the e-Learning Management System is webbased, users can undergo training and/or perform adminstration regardless of their operating system or platform.

Main Functions

For system administrators

Administration of course contents

Management of session attendees and situations

Administration of individual attendees

Course status and output report generation

For the attendees

Browsing of available courses.

Philippines-based LexioNet Corporation launches the country's first and only SCORM-compliant Learning Management System (LMS) and online campus.

Philippines-based LexioNet Corporation announced the release of the country's first and only Learning Management System (LMS) that conforms to the rigorous specifications of the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), the de-facto global standard in Web-based learning. Widely adopted by the US government, large business enterprises and academic institutions worldwide, SCORM primarily addresses issues of interoperability between e-learning content, tools and systems.

The Lexio™ Online Campus, powered by the company's SCORM-compliant engine, is an interactive learning environment that makes teaching and learning a fun and engaging experience. Students can study and practice any time, from any computer with access to the Internet. Teachers and courseware developers, on the other hand, can create rich and reusable Web-based learning content using a variety of SCORM-compliant authoring tools.

All Lexio™ virtual classrooms have exclusive forums for online discussions to facilitate student-teacher interaction, team learning, and collaboration. Moreover, Lexio™ has multilingual features and offers a broad spectrum of basic course materials that go beyond geographic borders.

Bong Cosca, LexioNet CEO, said "the launch of the Lexio™ Online Campus represents a significant milestone in the Philippines' efforts to accelerate economic growth through educational development, information technology and globalization."

E-Learning Management System by Angelo. G. Garcia || Manila Bulletin Newspaper Online

MANILA, Philippines — Never mind that we are the texting or the Facebook capital of the world, the truth is the Philippines is still far behind as far as e-learning is concerned. While most countries are now adopting technologically-based learning experience in their education systems, the Philippines is yet to start on a 12-year basic education curriculum.

The government has no concrete plans either when it comes to e-learning.

For instance, Singapore’s Ministry of Education created a solid e-learning plan in their education system as early as 1997. Today, in Nanyang Girls’ High School in Singapore, students are provided with iPads as part of their e-learning system.

“Students today do not learn the same way like their parents did. Children today are so engrossed with their devices. They don’t even talk to parents anymore, everybody is looking at their gadgets and the interaction is not there anymore,” explained Paul Tan, department head of Information and Communication Technology, Nanyang Girls’ High School.

This school also uses a system that allows students to access their lessons anytime, anywhere. Students just need a strong wi-fi connection wherever they are and they are good to go.

“Learning should be extended. Learning should go beyond...
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