E-Learning Information System

Topics: Education, Unified Modeling Language, Technology Pages: 8 (1981 words) Published: September 19, 2008
E-Learning Information System
Raed Aljammal

Our project is a technology project. It is a development of E-Learning information system; and as it is known, such a system can be applied in the education process in general, I mean that this project can be applied to serve the education at schools, colleges and universities; applying such a computerized and inexpensive system will improve the education process and will be considered as conveying to the new technology era, and it is a facilitating tool for both teachers and students since it is done online without any stress or having to attend hour lectures in large hall which sometimes become noisy, in addition, as we all know the internet is an open and free source to search for information and it contains billions of books and resources which makes the e – learning system that we will apply in our country to be more beneficial for students. e-Learning is the online delivery of information, communication, education, and training. E-Learning provides a new set of tools that can add

value to all the traditional learning modes-classroom experiences, textbook study, CD- ROM, and traditional computer based training. Old-world learning models don't scale to meet the new world learning challenge. E-Learning can provide the tools to meet that challenge. It is important to notice that e-Learning will not replace the classroom setting, but enhance it, taking advantage of new content and delivery technologies to enable learning, and With e-Learning you can empower learners, and the learner, as well as the mentoring system, is held accountable.


The main objective for this project is that by changing to e – learning instead of Traditional learning in our Palestinian community we can gain the following benefits:

e-Learning fosters interaction among students and instructors. Interaction stimulates understanding and the recall of information.

Accommodates different learning styles and fosters learning through a variety of activities that apply to different learning styles.

Fosters self-paced learning whereby students can learn at the rate they prefer.

Convenient for students to access any time, any place.

Reduces travel time and travel costs for students.

Encourages students to browse information through hyperlinks to sites on the worldwide Web and there by find information relevant to their personal situations.

Allows students to select learning materials, or to be directed to content that meets their level of knowledge, interest and what they need to know to perform more effectively in their particular activity.

Provides context sensitive help (Electronic performance support systems) to computer users and helps them complete tasks on-the-fly.

Develops knowledge of the Internet that will help learners throughout their careers.

Encouraging students to take responsibility for their learning and succeeding builds self-knowledge and self-confidence. •E-Learning permits instructors to develop materials using the world-wide resources of the Web.

Allows instructors to communicate information in a more engaging fashion than in text-based distance education programs. E-Learning offers a wide-range of text, diagrams and images with video and sound, including virtual reality technology that in the future will improve the effectiveness of the approach even further.

Convenient for instructors to access any time, any place. Allows instructors to package essential information for all students to access. Instructors can then concentrate on high level activities.

Retains records of discussion and allows for...
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