E-learning and Young People

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1.1 What is E-learning?4

1.2 Levels of e-learning5

1.3 Features of young learners6

1.4 How E-Learning Became Embedded in Youth Culture?7

2. Rural and remote issues9

3. Benefits of E-learning10

3.1 New technologies12

4. The Employer’s View13

5. Conclusion15




It is important to acknowledge that quality of a learning process is not something that is delivered to a learner by an e-learning provider but rather constitutes a process of co-production between the learner and the learning-environment. That means that the product/ outcome of an educational process is not exclusively a result of the production process of an educational institution. Quality therefore has to do with empowering and enabling the learner. It has to be defined at the final position of the provision of the learning-services: the learner. This report outlines the goals, development, and evaluation of e-learning among youth. It illustrates many benefits of e-learning, new technologies of learning & reveals the conclusive evidence that e-learning will not only improve the skills of students, but it will serve as an additional advantage in their careers. The report also discusses the rural and remote issues faced by students but overall its shows the effectiveness of e-learning among young learners .It also includes the employer’s view about the e-learning programs. The report describes learners preferences in e-learning based on results of survey in this field. It thus facilitates the construction of learner oriented services portfolios in e-learning. The immediate objectives of the report are:

− To gain an insight into youth engagement with computer technology.

− To find the effects of e-learning among youth.


E-learning began at just about the same time that a computer was developed that was practical for personal use. In fact, the concept and practice of distance learning predates the computer area by almost 100 years. The improvements in E-learning technology and the ability to create virtual classrooms and a virtual learning environment (VLE) have gradually broken down the resistance. This process has been helped by the emergence of a new generation that was weaned on the computer. It would not be surprising if within another generation, the pendulum shifts completely and the online degree is the one that is respected and coveted. With 1.3 billion young people now living in the developing world--the largest-ever youth group in history--the next generation holds much promise for countries that adopt policies to ensure that their youth are better educated and healthier than previous generations. According to the 2007 World Development Report "Development and the Next Generation", record numbers of young people between the ages of 12 and 24 could give developing countries a big advantage over developed nations in the next generation, producing surging economic growth and sharply reducing poverty.

Objective of the Report
The report focuses on e-learning for young people in the 20-24 age groups. The outcome of the report will be priorities for learning, development & repurposing for this learner group. The objective of the E-learning for– Youth is: To motivate and enhance the employment skills of young people through innovative e-learning programs and resources.

Scope of the report
The scope of the report is to:
• Focus on issues for young people in the 20 – 24 age group including VET programs with a focus on youth, disengaged youth and school based apprenticeships
• Identify strategies / recommendations that motivate and enhance employment skills of young people through innovative programs and resources.

1.1 What is E-learning?

The term e-learning, in the most general sense, refers to use of computers and communication technologies in the teaching...
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