E-Layoff PR Issue in Radioshack

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  • Published : February 20, 2012
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To: Julian Day, CEO
From: Aric Donnelly, Director of Human Resources
Date: 01/25/2012
Subject: New Layoff Recommendation

E-Layoff PR issue

RadioShack Corp. took a PR hit with the layoff notices being delivered by e-mail. The media decided to leave out all of the important details and portrayed RadioShack as heartless and “dehumanizing”. This bad PR leads to a bad image and lowered sales. RadioShack is already struggling to compete with big names like Best Buy and retail stores with large electronics departments. Since it is not possible to take back the layoffs, the PR department is trying to get all the information out to the public to salvage RadioShack’s image.

New Layoff Plan

In coordination with the PR department, Human Resources has drafted up a new plan for mass layoffs should they be needed in the future. Hopefully this plan will strike a balance between limiting the expense and resource allocation of laying off employees and keeping a positive PR image in addition to keeping remaining employee morale up.

Layoff Plan Summary

In lieu of layoff notices referring employees to a mass meeting with severance package details, Human Resources is requesting that RadioShack uses the familiar approach of using an employee’s superior to notify them. The superior will administer the notice and refer the employee to a severance information packet. This will give the employee the dignity of an exit interview, relieve the superior of educating themselves on the severance package, and reduce the cost imposed with a mass meeting of potentially disgruntled employees. If the employee has trouble understanding any part of the information packet, there will be a dedicated support number linked to a qualified Human Resources member that is knowledgeable in the matter.

Your Approval

The Human Resources department and the PR department have agreed on the details of this plan. Ultimately, you are the CEO and face of RadioShack, it is up to you to...
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