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The progress of technology inevitably gives the chance to many sectors to evolve and develop through it. Journalism is also among these sectors. Within this progress, one of the most fundamental devices that have been developed for the journalistic world – if not the most fundamental – is the internet. Discussing about it in 2009, we are talking about the biggest connection network that has ever been set up in human history. Gold mines of data are at every turn available for inquiry and research, wherever a user may be. The only things someone will need are a computer and a line or a connection to the internet. So, anyone can realize that the way journalism was applied before the creation and development of the internet has radically changed in comparison with these days. Journalists have now big data bases at their disposal that surely bear other difficulties and require new skills such as the correct analysis and selection of the appropriate elements for an exact reportage.

All the above may constitute some elements of the evolution of journalism, but along with the spreading of the internet there was not only evolution but also birth of new branches of journalism, as the commonly known e-journalism became extremely developed. Now the websites, apart from being informative means, also interact through various acts, rendering the informing easier for the user and offering him more choices than a newspaper, or even the TV, could offer. The aim of this project is to study three electronic newspapers based on their interactivity. That means, how much and in which ways they interact with the users. The electronic newspapers that will be studied come from Greece and focus on worldwide athletic events, with a particular emphasis on the current greek athletic events. This research will focus on three webpages: www.sport24.gr, www.contra.gr , www.sportfm.gr . The aim is, after the end of the project, to have reached some in-depth, thorough results based on the MacMillan theory concerning the interactivity of the webpages.

Theoretical Framework

News in the internet is a rather new phenomenon in journalism. A decade ago, the newspapers and the news agencies were discovering the possibilities of almost immediate delivery of the news to the readers that had access to the world wide web. Nowadays thousands of newspapers, TV networks, radio stations, magazines and other editions are present at the internet and millions of users read the news through the internet in a daily basis (Salwen, Garrison, & Driscoll, 2005).

According to Meyer (1991), journalism is a kind of science and there have to be some common features with it. These are the verification of the already existing information and the possibility that anyone has to realize the same research that the journalist has done. These constants have not changed, even if journalism through the internet and within it, has indeed changed.

Just like the radio changed the newspapers when it spread, just like the television and the picture that it carried into the houses changed afresh the newspapers but also the radio, just like that, the internet through its spreading managed to offer a new way of the circulation of the news, a brand-new way of communication, a fresh method of finding information, having as a result a new “window” for the world of journalism: electronic journalism. Based on that, many news pages were created that offered a new way of informing, setting new conditions in informing. These news pages led, through the interactivity, to a completely different and new way of informing. But how has interactivity substantially altered the news and its presentation? According to MacMillan (2000), the way that someone interprets an internet webpage is inseparably united with the way the user interprets the interaction elements within it.

Webpages’ Research

The three electronic newspapers that have been studied are www.sport24.gr,...
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