E-Harmony Case Anaylsis

Topics: Marketing, Marriage, EHarmony Pages: 3 (807 words) Published: June 22, 2012
Situation Analysis
eHarmony, the nation’s biggest dating website, was launched in 2000 when internet personals industry was still in its infancy. Believing the promising scenario of the industry, Dr. Neil Clark (the founder of eHarmony) worked very hard to promote eHarmony’s unique offering to the public in the first few years. In the following five years, eHarmony witnessed a big shift in people’s attitudes towards internet personals, and its business boomed simultaneously. According to the study conducted by Harris Interactive, 236 eHarmony members marry every day, representing a stunning 2% of marriages in America. What distinguishes EHarmony from its competitors?

1. Accurate: eHarmony developed a sophisticated Matching Algorithm to identify intellectual and emotional similarity of its users. And it proved to be accurate in predicting long-term relationship happiness. 2. Professional: Different from “Do-It-Yourself” sites, eHarmony set up a high threshold in membership selection. Users are required to complete a Relationship Questionnaire with 250 questions before joining. Through this, eHarmony is able to block out the potential casual-daters as well as illegal activity, such as prostitution. 3. Guided: Before open communication, potential couples will be led to a three-stage Guided Communication which can pave the way for a more in-depth talk. 4. Judicious: By showing Testimonials and Documentary-styled love story of happy couples, eHarmony successfully won a large number of subscribers in its marketing campaign. Meanwhile, eHarmony avoided any pure brand-building advertising activities; instead, it only worked on direct-response advertising which is both cost-saving and effective. Problems Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Through the SWOT analysis, we learn that eHarmony’s business is threatened by its competitors (Yahoo! Personals, Match), newly-born niche sites (homosexual personals, race-based personals, faith-based personals) and online...
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