Topics: Online dating service, EHarmony, Neil Clark Warren Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Case study
Looking for (E) Harmony

The case talks about how Peter Cook the founder and CEO of AFI international consulting has been in a dilemma of deciding whether they should do business with the prestigious dating cite company E Harmony or not. AFI company has been struggling financially and lost one of their biggest client ,that’s why Cook needed an immediate solution for his company .From the start ,Cook and AFI management had work hard to hire employees with a myriad of different beliefs ,cultures ,and ideologies .He believed that this workforce diversity ,including sexual orientation had been one of the primary reasons for AFI `s strong initial growth .Cook didn`t know much about eHarmoy`s homophobic beliefs and environment .After researching about the company he found out that it`s was founded by a psychologist and evangelical Christian Neil Clark Warren. The online dating site was geared toward heterosexuals and primarily Christian people. Cook had to decide between saving the company from the financial crises or going against the company beliefs, culture and diversity. The ethical issue of AFI is determining who is more important. Setting priorities and finding the best solution for the future growth of their company is very important. In this case making business with eHarmony is going to offend the employees. They would feel discriminated and not protected by their company, which believes in diversity as a way to success. The stakeholders that will be affected by this decisions would be as I mentioned above, employees, managers, the future of the company and the existing clients, future clients that would loose their faith on the organization .It will look like AFI consulting company is changing beliefs and agreeing with their future clients. In this analysis we should evaluate both ends of the story, identify both choices and pick what`s right for everyone. On one side if Cook rejects eHarmony business, he would face other serious problems that...
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