E-Governance (E Disha)

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E-DISHA (Electronic Delivery of Integrated Services of Haryana to All)

The project e-DISHA (e-Disha) was initiated in March 2006; it was renamed as NAI -DISHA(New Agent of Information – District Level Integrated Services of Haryana for All)by the new government in Haryana. The project Nai-disha is Information Technology (IT) - driven electronic interface between the government and the citizens that facilities the general public to receive effective and timely (speedy) services.. All these services are strictly for citizen of Haryana. These services are given across the counter and reduce the time gap for getting the service.

Objective of the Project :
* To provide one–stop various citizen services in an efficient, reliable, and integrated manner through a chain of computerized Integrated * Citizen Service Centers.
* Elimination of Touts/exploitation & make governance transparent by maximizing citizen interaction with government. * To reduce the costs of service delivery by reducing duplication of efforts by individuals and departments. * Time bound delivery of Services.

* Citizen friendly environment.
* Quick redressal of citizen grievances.
* Strengthening the back office operations for timely availability of information. * Creation of knowledge based jobs in the district.
The website of E-DISHA i.e http://edisha.gov.in/ says that it is a web portal dedicated to citizen of Haryana and offers 4 facilities on the web page i.e Download forms, Search my details, Status of application and Verification of certificate.

Under Download forms they provide 15 forms:-
SCCertificate,BCCertificate,OBCCertificate,Resident,Tapriwas/Vimukt Jaati Certificate, Income Certificate, Rural Certificate, Registration of Land, Sanction of Mutation of Land, Copy of Land Record, New Water Connection, New Sewerage Connection, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, CIDR Registration Form. Undersearch my details individual can enter his information and can access his details as per the Haryana government according to the web portal. As per the status of application is concened an individual can access the status of his application with the E-disha transaction ID provided to the applicant, and can register his grievances on harsamadhan listed on the same page. On the verification of certificate page any person can select between caste domicile income and rural area certificates and birth and death certificates, by entering the e-disha transaction id one can verify the certificates withheld by the individual. Out of the 20 districts, District Level Nai-Dishacentres (DLNDCs) are operating in 16 districts.The remaining 4 DLNDCs have been functional from March 2008. The department of InformationTechnology (IT), Haryana Government has created the infrastructure for Nai-Dishacentres at all district secretaries headed by the respective District Administrator/ District Commissioners. The Nai-Disha software product has been developed by NIC Haryana Secretariat (HRSC). The project is being implemented by the IT department through District IT Societies (DITS) with the technological and software support of NIC Haryana Centre and implementation by District Information Officers (DIOs). The Nai-Disha project came into force with the objective of introducingtransparency in day to day to governance, thereby maximizing citizen interactionwith the government. Nai-Disha aims to improve relationship with citizens byenabling online transactions, and feedback to administration and legislation. In addition to this Nai-Disha enables to reduce costs of service delivery though reduced duplication of efforts by individuals and departments. According to Mr.GhanShyamBansal (SIO, NIC HRSC), “Nai-Disha Kendra (Centres) provide one-stop venue for various citizen services. These solutions are efficient, reliable and integrated manner through a chain of computerized integrated citizen service centres”.

According to Mr. Deepak Bansal,...
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