E-Commerce Security Issues

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Name of the candidate: ISHA

Enrollment no. : 01215903911

Course: MBA

Batch: 2011-13

Subject: E-business

Subject code: MS-114

Topic of assignment: Is security a real or perceptual problem in Web commerce.

Subject Teacher’s name: Ms. Sneha Chopra


This project report contains the study of “is security a real or perceptual problem in web commerce”. The content includes the security related issues being faced by the companies or organizations in their business through e-commerce. The tools being available in market to cope with such issues and a company named ZANTAZ being involved in solving such issues like threats, hacking, frauds, and theft etc. The example of such company facing hacking issues (Facebook) is also included in the study. The emerging security related issues how been tackled and their impact on the business transactions are being discussed.

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|S.no |Content |Pg no | | | | | |1. |Introduction |4 | |2 |Advantages & disadvantages of e-commerce |5-7 | |3 |Security a real problem |7-9 | |4 |Security issues |10-11 | |5 |Security tools |12 | |6 |Ex-Facebook |13-14 | |7 |Conclusion |15 | |8 |Viper report |16 | |9 |Source |17 |


According to Wiegand (1997): “Any form of economic activity conducted via electronic connections” is called e-commerce. Web commerce is a form of electronic commerce that is conducted primarily through the World Wide Web and other aspects of the Internet. In e-commerce the business transactions are carried out on internet and includes purchase and selling of goods and services. Many business firms set up their website in order to display their products & services for consumers to purchase or to get access by using web browser. Websites present the consumer with various options for searching and selecting products and services, which offer speed and convenience of shopping from home or the office. The consumer gains benefits of shopping 24 hours a day.


Recently the Worldwide E-Commerce Fraud Prevention Network was formed by American Express and e-tailers such as Amazon.com and Buy.com to establish common grounds for reducing the threats created by increasing reliance on the Internet for commerce. Membership has expanded swiftly to now include 375 large and small players united to promote the growth of e-commerce in large part by keeping fraud to a minimum. Consumer privacy is becoming the most publicized security issue replacing theft and fraud as top concerns in e-commerce. The DDOS attacks demonstrated that business sites did not maintain adequate security protection and...
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