E-Commerce Role in Developing Countries

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  • Published: November 11, 2011
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The number of internet users has been growing steadily around the world and it creates an opportunities for regional and global e-commerce to develop. Therefore, by the impact of internet, both socioeconomic and infrastructural have created a major level of differentiation in the growth and acceptance of e-commerce at different regions of the world. This differentiation occurred in the field of socioeconomic and infrastructure. To identify the diffusion of e-commerce in the various locations of the world, they have been conducted different studies and models. Infrastructure and services are considered as a primary diffusion factor of the model (Efendioglu, Yip, & Murray, University of San Francisco, 2009).

However, these factors will create a difference in the acceptance of electronic commerce in the developing countries, which depends on the cultural, infrastructure, and socioeconomic. Depending on different regions in the developing world, they have various models to discover the electronic commerce diffusion (Zwass, 1999).E-payment systems comes under the services and some of these services are securing messages, use of credit card, and electronic markets. According to Grabner-Kraeuter trust is “the most significant long-term barrier for realizing the potential of E-Commerce to consumers” (Grabner-Kraeuter, 2002). More than eighty percentage of the world’s population are in developing countries, where they have the opportunity to grow the electronic commerce. Theoretical clams illustrates that electronic commerce can increase the economic growth rate of the developing countries, but they have little empirical on the outcomes of electronic commerce adoption. From the studies it can be indicated that intra and inter organizational communications are the benefits for electronic commerce, depending on these improvements. By implementing electronic commerce it can benefit the customer or supplier linkages and cost savings. This would increase...
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