E-Commerce Research Proposal

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The rationale behind this research proposal presentation involves the process of E-commerce and Taxation as how the taxes effect e-commerce within the global economy as the Internet Tax Freedom Act, provides ban on the state taxation of Internet transactions and that the legislators are expected to vote on whether to extend the ban or to make it permanent within issues and that the decision will affect e-commerce businesses. This issue impacts on any business selling goods and services over the Internet that the Internet taxation issue doesn't directly affect e-commerce in the global economy as e-commerce has grown and struggled to establish itself as the Act prohibits taxes on Internet access, taxes on specific products sold online that are not taxed offline and duplicate taxes on transactions that the states could tax. Electronic commerce tax administration in Canada was the subject of Tax Executives Institute (TEI) comments to Canada's Minister of National Revenue as it should continue to receive input from the business community in the efforts to work towards better agreement on taxation of electronic commerce. Several specific issues were addressed. The proposal will examine the growth of electronic commerce in commercial activities and administrative issues that arise from electronic commerce and adopt the important methods to address certain issues. The research aims and objectives will help shape the policy positions to participate in the consultative process in order to appreciate the opportunity to discuss such views. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES

The aims and objectives for this research proposal will need to understand how e-commerce and taxation works in effect to the global economy in Canada with support to TEI as this presentation aims to give a clear emphasis of e-commerce taxation as to what it brings forth for the positive integration of its aspects within the reality of achieving a better global economy in e-commerce business success and opportunities. The Canadian government should work to develop the necessary legal framework for electronic commerce to ensure effective intellectual property protection in the digital environment; clear rules on jurisdiction, applicable law, and enforcement and on liability and contractual obligations involved in electronic commerce and a fair, equitable tax regime for electronic commerce. The Objectives

1. To develop a Strategy for E-Commerce
2. To provide and adopt guiding principles about E-Commerce 3. To ensure that requirements for electronic commerce figure notably in its policies and programs. 4. To use Web site to advertise to residents and non-residents of Canada the implications of doing business in Canada on the Internet and e-mail information to interested parties. 5. To approach appropriate organizations to arrange electronic links to the Web site to provide users with information on the tax implications of having business on the Internet. 6. To be active in the workings of the OECD to address electronic transactions. Priority should be given to considering and applying existing concepts to electronic commerce before choosing to pursue alternative or new concepts with respect to changes to the model tax treaty are known and the need to address the taxation of electronic commerce. 7. To integrate Electronic Commerce and Process Redesign

There must continue to redesign and re-engineer its business processes in combination with electronic commerce initiatives for program and service delivery. The result may be fundamentally new approaches to delivery in some areas. 8. To have a Strategic Approach to Electronic Delivery Channels There needs to consider developing program and service delivery design principles that promote the strategic use of electronic deliver channels and should promote the acquisition of skills and competencies in...
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