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Topics: Purchasing, Confirmation, Selection Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: February 13, 2012
e-Commerce Multi-Stage Model

This page describes the purchasing process when ordering products from ‘monstersupplements.com’; an online supplement warehouse.

Firstly, the Multi-Stage Model:

3. As alreasy registered card and payment details, one-click ordering and address selection is carried out which takes no more than 20 seconds. Confirmation e-mail sent to purchaser. 5. After purchase delivery is confirmed via e-mail and after delivery second email is sent confirming product was dispatched and asking to review product and service quality on website. 1. Search using search bar in top right hand corner of page; auto prompts and then displays results. 4. Delivery is by ‘DPD transport delivery company’ and is always either next day or within 2 working days- no extra charge for delivery unless selected to be same day delivery. 2. Selection through minimising search using ‘refine search’ then clicking on desired product. Option to purchase multiple of same product for discounted price. Buyer: Me

* The most probable definition for my transaction would be ‘Electronic commerce (eC) is the process of buying, selling, transferring, or exchanging products, services, and/or information via computer networks, mostly the Internet and intranets.’ (Turban et al. 2011, pg. 48)’ * The benefits to the online transaction were that, a) I didn’t have any costs with regards to browsing and selecting the product as I would if I were to purchase from a high street shop; and b) the convenience and choice of purchasing online is much more satisfying than the hassle regarding selection, stock checks and time wasting in the high street retailers. * However the barriers to internet adoption could be that there is a lack of trust between consumer and vendor as there is no personal interaction. Also there are often security issues regarding bank details being entered online, not just on ‘monster’ but on many other e-commerce hosting websites. * I entered the...
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