E-Commerce Model for Online Flower Store

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E-business/ e-commerce mid-term individual project
Business model of online flower store which works both with b2c and b2b clients. Lecturer Carlota Carucci
Executed by Ksenia Zhmotova

Online flower shop Fioridellatoscana.it sells and ships flowers in Toscana region.

Brief history:
The flower store which is called “Fiori della Toscana”and situated at the country side of Florence was established in 2000 year. It provides b2b service: sales flowers to flower shops in Florence and other cities in Toscana region. The company had a solid clients list but in terms of global financial crisis started to lose its clients. Company’s revenues significantly decreased since 2007 till now by 30% To make the business survive a decision of diversification part of the business had been made. New business unit was created which had to be responsible for providing both b2c and b2b flower delivery service by web site Fioridellatoscana.it Hereinafter this project will be considered as a separate e-business model which I would like to present.

Core competencies:
producing high quality flowers,
the harvest and distribution of flowers

Customer needs:
getting high quality flowers,
the wide range of flowers,
getting them in time at their place,
possibility to buy any required amount of flowers

Mission statement:
To become number one online flower store in Toscana by selling the highest quality, freshest flowers, from plantation to customer in under 24 hours with 99% customer satisfaction.

Vision statement:
We help all residents of the Toscana region to bring more beauty and happiness into their lives by providing any kind and shape of freshest, beautiful flowers.

Business goal:
1. increase revenues by 40% by 2014 year

Project objectives:
to achieve size of b2b clients base of at least 100 companies; to achieve number of orders of at least 50 per moths in a low season and 150 per month in a high season.

Revenue model: merchant model which is based on sales through web catalog

A brief analysis of the Market and Competitors:
Most of delivers of flowers in Italian market are international companies. There are some location companies but they are not well-known. It can be used by Fiori della Toscana to develop italian brand. In this case we can identify the following strengths: worked out logistical system that allows order in a short period of time, consumer confidence in the local company which has long been on the market, better awareness of local consumers,

fast response to the changes in the country.

Strategy, implementation and promotion
Consider how to achieve your-channel targets.
Customer profiling:

Long term relationship can be based on:
giving the customers excellent products and excellent service gain feedback on your performance from customers and adapt to it monitor competitors, learn from their successes and failures mailing lists

customization of products

Considering the fact that Fioridellatoscana.it has clients both in b2c and b2bb sector for social media marketing campaign the following websites were selected: facebook (news, offers, ads, sharing tools)

linkedin (the same as facebook but in more formal way)
twitter (for customer assisting and recent news)
pinterest (good tool for showing possibilities and virus marketing)

Navigational aspects:
As I have figured out navigation system is one of the most important and powerful aspects in e-business. So for being effective business navigation system must be: clear, handy, useful, look and feel cool make users to come back for more. Also web site should follow the "three click" model which should help visitors find information quickly and be satisfied.

Sections of the web site:
The header
logo of the company
tagline “Si cresce di bellezza per voi!”
welcome message which is actually can be a special offer or call to action “Fresh flowers from the heart of Toscana region at your door already today!” - link to the...
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