E Commerce in Thailand

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Table of Contents
Economic Data2
Evaluation of Market Potential3
E Commerce Industry Overview in Thailand:4
Internet Usage4
Access to Internet5
E Commerce Business Models:11
Internet Retail:11
Intermediaries (3rd party market place):11
General and vertical classifieds:11
Lead Generation (Comparison Shopping):11
COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE (Top 10 E Commerce Website)12
Notable E Commerce Startups:16
Challenges and Opportunities16
Performance of Thailand in SouthEast Asia Market:17


This e commerce report identifies opportunity and threats to online purchases and e commerce trends in Thailand. It reports consumer behavior towards online purchases and briefly analyzes e commerce industry in Thailand. E Commerce in Thailand remains a popular exchange channel because of rise in number of active internet users. In Thailand, the number of internet users estimated by www.internetstat.com shows it has 18.3 million users which accounts for 27% of the Thailand population in 2011. Facebook accounts for 10.6 million users. This proves technology penetration level and plays big role in influencing lives of consumers in Thailand. The Major internet providers in Thailand like TOT Plc and True Corp are offering very competitive internet packages that ranges from Bt 500 to Bt 2,000 per month, which makes affordable to large numbers of Thai consumers. Also, there is a huge development in internet access for tablets and smart phones by major telecommunication service providers. Large number of working age Thais are now using tablets and smart phones with internet packages and most of them uses applications which enables them to book flights and hotels, purchasing clothes and cosmetics. Most independent online retailers are set up to offer products to consumers but these independent online retailers mainly are C2C as the online retailing regulation in Thailand is very weak which allows individuals to easily sell their products online. The independent retailer only need to register in order to get online registration number that helps them to operate legally. So with the identification number, any person can set up a online retailing website and sell goods without need to set up an actual company. The independent online retailers are sell their products through e market places and online shopping website like www.weloveshopping.com or www.pantipmarket.com. Products on these websites ranges from pet food, packaged foods, clothes and footwear, to electronic appliances and consumer electronics. Furthermore, they also provide services such as booking air ticket online or selling properties and insurance via the websites. Economic Data

Due to severe floods in 2011, the real growth was just 0.1% in 2011, but the real growth is expected to increase by 6.0% in year 2012 as a program of rehabilitation and reconstruction gets underway. With an increase in domestic consumption and fast paced recovery in manufacturing, the real growth increase to 3.3% in second quarter of year 2012 as compared to previous three months. In the medium term, the expected growth rates can exceed the historical trends but it might deteriorate if the Europe’s debt crisis evolves. Inflation in year 2011 was 3.8% and the prices are expected to increase by 3.0% in year 2012.
Thailand would be investing US$11.4 billion for water management measures in order to avoid a repeat of floods which had previously devastated the country’s economy in 2011. The government has also cleared USD 819 million for 246 flood management projects in first quarter of year 2012 and also plans to invest approx US$72 billion in infrastructure between year 2012-2017 which will help to enhance long term competitiveness of Thailand. Altogether, the public investment is expected to rise by 12.1% in...
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