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CB587 – E-Commerce and Business

Individual Project involving the evaluation of a website

Choice of the website: http://ikks.com

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1. (a)

In this paper I will introduce my project of analyzing IKKS, a French online retail clothes website. The IKKS Company is part of the Zannier Group. This group, one of the world’s leader in children’s fashion, holds 19 brands: fifteen brands for children such as Kenzo and Paul Smith and four brands for adults such as IKKS and One Step. The analysis will be separated into three different parts as follows :

First, it will cover the accessibility of the website for disabled people. According to the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), there are four types of disabilities which affect eyesight, hearing, mobility and cognitive abilities. They are going to be treated one after another. We will study each disability through the use of the tools available for disabled people on the website in order to show the strengths and the weaknesses of the website. By going through these steps of analysis, we will find that there are three ways in which the website could be improved. Those are: changing the main animation, improving the use of screen reader or narrator and improving the voice recognition.

The second analysis will be based on the Webqual 2.0. Across the table of 24 questions, we could see the strengths of the website but also the weaknesses. In order to make the website more attractive and efficient for the customers, we can make four key recommendations. First, the brand could improve by developing a “bricks and clicks” position, this will be explained in more detail in the first section. Second, the IKKS website should improve its sense of community in order to confer to its consumers a real sense of belonging. The third point is more controversial: we will link the absence of personalization on the website to the absence of cookies. Fourth, this part will approach the development of the m-commerce by the brand.

Finally, the third analysis will rely on the Value Creation by Amitt and Zott. We will rank the four forces of the website (in decreasing order of importance) followed by key recommendations which can bring added value to the website. The first force, and also the most important one, is the website’s efficiency. We will look at why efficiency is promoted in the first place. There are three major points to be made here: the reducing of asymmetries in information, the simplicity of using the website and how the brand tries to save money via the utilization of internet. The second force are the complementarities present on the website. Consequently, we will talk about the vertical and horizontal complementarities. I will state that the website could improve its horizontal complementarities by adding more languages and currencies, and also by developing fashion online advices. The third force, because it is not very well implemented, is the lock in. This position is the consequence of the reputation of the offline shops and the absence of a competitor on the market and not due to means present on the website. Furthermore, I will give three key recommendations to improve the “online” lock in: these include creating a loyalty program, the possible use of cookies and the improvement of the online payment. The fourth force is the novelty, we will see that the website could not answer to this force but that consumers do not expect this.

1. (b)

I chose this website for three different reasons. Firstly, the most important reason, is because I have worked promptly in one of the offline stores in France. Therefore I understand the process of the brand. Secondly, I thought it was interesting to choose this website because the brand was already...
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