E-Commerce and System Design

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LaTanya Walker
E-Commerce and System Design
June 23, 2012

The business I’ve selected is a local popular boutique here in Atlanta called Tags. Owned by Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star, singer/songwriter, and entrepreneur Candy Burruss, Tags continues to be one of Atlanta’s most talked about fashion retailer. This small boutique is unique in that is provides women and young teens with the latest fashions for an affordable price. When creating a website I believe the appropriate business model for Tags would be the E-tailer. E-tailer is most fitting for reasons that it will allow for the company to expand its profits by being that business to consumer (B2C) E-Commerce type that is able to appeal to a larger market base. Some of the world’s largest retailers all have E-tailers as a business model, increasing sales of their goods or services to its customers (Laudon, 2012). Tags would benefit greatly from having a website for the reason that it would take business from being a local hot commodity to a worldwide sensation. Not to mention, a website would serve as a tool for the business to network with retail distributors across the world; giving the company a leg-up on the competition as it relates to the products being sold in the store. In addition, a website would also help the store in knowing what garments are doing well and what items are slow to sale. This aspect of the website would be beneficial because it saves the store in overhead costs. In my opinion, websites are a no brainer for any business because most Americans spend a lot of their time online anyway it’s far easier for one to market their goods and services this way. Another great feature a website provides is the ability to have a direct relationship with its customers unlike old methods of advertisement like TV or telephone (Laudon, 2012). The specific functions of the website for Tags would include the following: Global connectivity

-Networking with retailers to increase the...
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