E-Commerce and Marketing

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Evaluate the features that must be taken into account when designing a mobile web presence and provide a critical analysis of the benefits and challenges of marketing on mobile platforms.| DESIGNING A MOBILE WEB PLATFORM|




2.0User-friendliness 4
2.0.1 - Responsive Web Design
2.1Global reach
2.2Mobile-specific features
2.3Mapping and geo-location
2.4Social-media integration
2.4.1 - Social media integration model theory
2.5Mobile search engine optimisation

3.0Mobile platform marketing
3.1 - What are the benefits of marketing on a
mobile platform?

3.1.2 - What are the challenges of marketing on a
mobile platform?


The aim of this report is to ascertain which prominent characteristics are imperative when expanding from the common desktop site to mobile web. The report will explore distinctive trends in the mobile web market including accessibility, security, privacy, user friendliness, seamlessness and ease of navigation.

More people browse the internet via a smart mobile device than desktops and laptops combined. An eCommerce Mobile presence does not necessarily mean the web; in some countries in Africa 40% of GDP transactions are completed via SMS.

Depends on what you mean by mobile web presence (define a mobile device? Big discussion; Design for mobility v used for mobility. Tablet usage stats show very few tablets leave the household and are more likely to be shared within the household) Ultimately, any mobile web presence depends on your business objectives? 

This report analyses the current mobile market state, more specifically the Smartphone market. How the market came to be where it is today, where it is going and why. Small domestic companies to large international organisations are considering, or already have considered, the transition from a desktop website to a mobile website or mobile application. This report aims to understand what companies consider first before making the decision to move into mobile commerce (MC).

Covered in this report will be: user friendliness and its key role in allowing the wide array of consumers to easily use the site for their needs and wants via operation and with comprehension; responsive web design, which enables a site to adjust to different screen sizes and angles; global reach; geo-location which adjusts the web results a user receives by their current geological location; social media integration which is the use of social media networks as a means of advertisement; and search engine optimisation.

After careful consideration of the aforementioned criteria, the report ultimately aims to bring to light the complications, obstacles and merits of the commercial processes involved in promoting, selling and distributing a product or service via a mobile web platform. Benefits such as accessibility, which allow a wider range of people to access these sites and a growing number of consumers using tablets to surf the web, are what drive marketers to expand.

Ultimately, an improved user experience is what the consumer is looking for when accessing a mobile web platform. -faster download speed: sites specifically designed for mobile standards -new advertising opportunities: mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access device worldwide: people in developing countries cannot afford a desktop PC can afford a mobile phone. However, there do lie complications with mobile web, one of them mainly being navigation and limited functionality compared to that of a desktop website and to better understand what users want, a substantial amount of research has gone into human behaviours and emotions...
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