E-Commerce and Cybercrime

Topics: Computer security, Disaster recovery, Computer Pages: 5 (1507 words) Published: May 30, 2012

1.What can be done to improve e-commerce security on the Internet? Give several examples of security measures, and technologies you would use.

Students’ answers will vary. However, some issues can be more policing, standard protocols, encryption, scrambling data, public and private key encryption methods, fire walls, secure network access, security monitors, virus defenses, security codes, backup files, biometrics controls, computer failure controls, fault tolerant systems, and disaster recovery planning.

2.What potential security problems do you see in the increasing use of intranets and extranets in business? What might be done to solve such problems? Give several examples.

Students’ answers will vary. However, with the increased business use of the Internet, intranets and extranets there is no doubt that the number of potential security problems will also increase. Issues such as hacking, data alteration unauthorized data access, denial of service and so on will become prime security problems. As companies forge ahead in e-commerce and e-business activities, the stakes get progressively higher, and the potential threat to the vulnerability of their data is also increasing.

In order to solve such problems, businesses must continue to exercise caution in areas such as encryption, fire walls, secure Internet sites, security monitoring, disaster recovery plans, security awareness programs. Policies and procedures must be strictly enforced and compliance with these programs must be monitored and maintained.

3.What artificial intelligence techniques can businesses use to improve computer security and fight computer crime?

Students’ answers will vary, however they could mention the growth in biometrics controls as a possible answer to this question. These controls are used to measure the physical traits such as voice, eye retina, face, fingerprints, hand geometry, etc. A pilot project on eye retina scanning was recently undertaking at the Heathrow Airport in England where all passengers were subjected to a retina scan before they were issued a boarding pass. These retina scans are being saved in a “retina” database for future work in this area.

4. What are your major concerns about computer crime and privacy on the Internet? What can you do about it? Explain.

Students’ answers will vary, however many people are concerned about computer crime and privacy on the Internet. Individuals must express their concern to governments so that proper action can be taken in this regard. The Internet offers very little privacy to any individual. It is a communications platform that has very little control and there is no one regulating body. As it currently stands, companies can legally place cookies on your computer when you visit their websites. With these cookies they know your website behavior and the places you have visited on the Web. This information can be used in a number of ways – to monitor and target you with unsolicited product offerings, or even sold to third party vendors. Individuals must exercise caution when giving out any type of personal or sensitive formation. They can also ask their ISP providers to not give out information about them. Certainly sensitive information such as charge card numbers, e-mail address, mailing address, bank account numbers and so on should only be given out to secure sites.

5.What is disaster recovery? How could it be implemented at your school or work?

Disaster recovery are methods for ensuring that an organization recovers from natural and human caused disasters that affect its computer-based operations.

Students’ answers will vary. However, a disaster recovery plan should be developed that specifies which employees will participate in disaster recovery, what their duties will be, what hardware, software, and facilities will be used, and the priority of...
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