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Legacy Foods Business Proposal 1

E-Commerce Solutions

Processing customer’s payments is one of the most important aspects of a website. In a brick and mortar store, customers may love your product, pricing and service. However, if when it’s time to check out the lines are too long, the cashiers are rude or the prices do not match what was advertised, it can turn that positive shopping experience into a nightmare. Being able to process payment quickly, efficiently and clearly is essential. At Legacy Foods in order to support the wide range of products and customers from around the country, they need to utilize an effective shopping cart. This cart should be used to make things as simple, yet informative to the customer as possible. The customer needs to be able to log in to the website so they can save their orders in case they want to come back later. There should be an email sent out to customers with items waiting in their shopping cart, reminding them and motivating them to complete the sale. Also, the site should allow customers to save their credit card data so that it doesn’t need to be reentered with each purchase. Going along with storing credit cards and information a privacy policy should be prominently displayed so that customers know their information is secure when they are making a purchase online. Many people have a lot of apprehension about entering their information and need to be reassured that it is safe. The shopping cart and website need to be fast. If customers have to wait for pages to load and purchases to be processed, the company may lose the sale. Legacy is using a server that several other companies use as well. This sometimes causes the websites to slow down and that will affect customer satisfaction. If Legacy can operate their own server, then they can verify

Legacy Foods Business Proposal 2
that that the site will maintain a high speed. Then the websites performance won’t depend on how...
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