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Topics: LinkedIn, Social network service, Orkut Pages: 4 (1219 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Social Business Networking and E-Commerce
BUS 352 e-Business
December 10, 2012

Social networking websites have become most hyped phenomenon, be the site formed for the purpose of recreational social networking or for businesses or business professionals networking. In this particular assignment though, we will discuss about the social networking site that is formed for business professionals. We will discuss the elements and concepts pertaining to that social networking website that played a role in the materialization of their tightly held community and its immense popularity. The social networking business and its aspects that we have chosen to focus upon are of ‘LinkedIn’. LinkedIn is rated as number one among the users of social networking sites for business professionals for its job finding potential as compared to its counterpart websites. It basically is widely known for the trail it has created for the HR Managers and recruiters; HR professionals of most of the known and less known firms present on LinkedIn, subconsciously screening potential job applicants whilst networking. It is the main online portal that assists the headhunters for the selection and recruitment of employees. It is the main reason LinkedIn has such high following among its peer social networks. It provides its members with immense opportunity to create an impression on the managers of the firm they want to be part of, without waiting for their turn to be called for interview. It provides its members with the opportunity to connect with the people working in the firm they aspire to be part of, and through this platform they can learn about that firms’ organizational culture and develop such skills accordingly that would arm them better when selected for interview. World is now a global village. People most of the time work in teams; across disparate fields in disparate projects in cross-functional teams and disband once the project is completed. During the process, a...
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