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Udo Fehling

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Offenburg University of Applied Sciences

17 December 2012

Table of Contents


1.1 The Objectives4

2.The Strategy4

2.1 Brainstorming Method4

2.2 New Proposed Features5

1. Online Process5

2. Online tracking6

3. Instant Chat7

4. Virtual Assistant “Kiki”7

5. Step-by-step Interactive Catalog.8

6. How-to-order Tutorial Video.10

3.The Implementation Method12

3.1 The Greek House Method12

3.2PDCA Method13


5. Reference ………………………………………………………………………………………….16


Animal and Odd-Bod Creators Pty. Ltd (AOB) has been known since 1977 for its dedication to create mascots and character costumes. The team has worked closely with many large corporate clients to produce mascots and costumes to promote market presence at International events.

Lately, the increasing number of customer requests for email communication shows significant business opportunities available through the internet. Having looked at this situation, a new e-commerce strategy should be developed in order to reach a bigger scope of clients.

| | | |
| | | |
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Figure 1.1 the Cube of E-commerce

Using cubes method we can see that the company has physical product and physical process. Their current e-commerce business is only a website with simple features. The blue square shows the possibility of changing the process into digital process, the future business form that could save a lot of time and cost both for the customers and the company.

1.1 The Objectives

Objectives of this proposal are:

- To enhance the company e-commerce business

- To optimize the company website layout and features

- To move the process from physical to digital

The Strategy

2.1 Brainstorming Method

Using NGT (Nominal Group Technique) we decided six strategies in order to achieve our objectives. We used NGT method because this method has benefits to balance and increase participation and also reduce errors in group decisions. With this method all team members has equal opportunity to share their ideas.

We propose six strategies to enhance the company e-commerce business, which are:

1. Online Process

2. Online tracking

3. Instant Chat

4. Virtual Assistant

5. Interactive Catalog (we created our own design)

6. Tutorial Video

2 New Proposed Features

Online Process

The objective is to build an easy process for our customers to order our product online, using specific steps to get the best product that their company need. To order online customers can do these following steps:

a) Login to our website. www.mascots.com or search at www.google.com ; “Animal ODD-BOD Creators”.

b) Explore the website. Visitors can see menu icons, such as photo gallery, customers´ testimony, contact us, instant chat, how-to-order tutorial video, and interactive catalog.

c) If the customer is interested in browsing through our interactive catalog, they can choose a mascot template and modify it according to their own taste. If they wish to order specific custom-made costumes, they could contact us through online order or also by phone.

d) The design is in 2D format. If the customer is willing to place his order, he could proceed to the next step which is filling the online registration form, and he has to cover a fee for $50 deposit (which will be returned to him if he signs the order contract. However, he will lose the money if he cancels the order). He will then...
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