Topics: Smoking, Nicotine, Cigarette Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: March 27, 2013

They are so many of smokers in the world and every day the numbers of them are increasing rapidly especially the teenagers,but nowaday with the advanced of the technology then its created the electronic cigarettes and its becoming more widely used by people to either help them quit smoking or reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke each day.Does the electronic cigarette help the smokers to reduce their habit or continue to quit.

First of all,we can reduce the amount of the nicotine in our body slowly using the electronic cigrate.The cigrates does not burn like common cigrates that produce smoke but it burn somekind of liquid that will vaporized and the vapour contain an amount of nicotine that our body needed only.This will make our addiction to the cigrate will reduce and then we will quit from smoking.

Secondly,we also can save the money that we use to buy cigrates because when we use the electronic cigrate,the cost are much more cheaper than the common cigrate.This will not save the money of the smokers but also will make the smokers think twice about to continue their smoking habit that will cost a lot of money.As you known today,the cost of living in our country has gone up in recent years and this will make the smokers cannot affordable in their life because their addiction to smoke will make they always buy the cigrate.
Lastly,the electronic cigrate also are less dangerous than the common cigrate because its doesn’t contain the chemical like the common cigrate and most important it doesn’t produce carbon monoxide and tar that will harmful our lung.With the fact that the electronic cigrate doesn’t contain those harmful chemical this will make the smokers think about to quit their smoking habits or to reduce and start using the electronic cigrate.

Holistically,the conclusion is there are a lot of benefit using the electronic cigrate and that is the best way to reduce or continue to quit the...
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