E-Cigarette in Middle East

Topics: Marketing, Middle East, Tobacco Pages: 3 (1062 words) Published: April 26, 2011
E-Cigarette in Middle East

EIC Company is the electronic Intelligent Solutions Company that provides customers by reliable and robust services which they may not have experienced before. The most important objective of EIC Company is to produce high quality products that suit customers and society. For the main purpose of the e-products and e-services provided by EIC Company is for Marketing; the company needs to advertise its goods by one of the means of promotions to convince consumers in its electronic products. As I am a marketing manager in EIS Company, I think Healthy cigarette (Hc) would be an attractive name to the e-cigarettes for the market. The Name includes the contradiction has been known that cigarettes are deleterious to health has never been useful, but now you can get special cigarettes have no negative effects on health .I assume that Hc should be introduced in the Middle East region which is currently one of the largest markets that consumes cigarettes in high percentage. In the context of the essay we’ll show marketing plan that explaining how EIS Company should introduce e-cigarettes to the Middle East Region. Market segmentation represents an effort to increase a company’s targeting precision. According to EIS Company, segment in the market is being considered the smokers. This segment can be measure in Middle East region by knowing the percentage of total adult smokers (Yemen 44.50% , Turkey 44.00% , Lebanon 40.50%, Jordan 29.00%, Kuwait 15.60%,..). In terms of accessibility, smokers in Middle East region are aware for the new products that related to tobacco. Thus, EIS Company by its marketers will find some ways of communicating with smokers. And to study the stability of smokers, certainty that the percentage of smokers in this region would not have enormous differences in the near future or long-term. With respect to our market segmentation, it based on psychographic and behavioural factors. Axiomatic that most of...
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