Topics: Postcard, E-card, Greeting card Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: August 11, 2010
Chapter 1
Background of the Study
An animated electronic card is one way of sending message through the use of internet, which is a good way to send cards. There's a lot of cards we also have the manmade card or postcard. Cards are primarily use to convey message and the traditional way to create this card is through manmade greeting card made of paper. But what are e-cards? E-cards are similar to manmade card except it’s not made of paper, instead a digital media/software. E-cards have many features like animated pictures, sound and you can add different graphics you desire. You can download e-cards on the web but if you want a customize e-card you can create by using the software that can create e-cards. Manmade greeting card is a bit challenging to do. You need an artistic skill to have a creative greeting card. To make a manmade greeting card we need scissors, paper, glue and pen we can also print message and pictures we want to put in our manmade card and there you have your personalize postcard. Post card a commercially printed card with space on one side for an address and a postage stamp, used for sending a short message through the mail. In this technological age we live in, e-cards are widely acceptable, much affordable and environment friendly to send greetings to your love ones and friends significantly becomes the primary option to send cards. Though e-cards miss the personal touch of manmade cards, still it became popular and widely used monopolizing the industry. Many people claim that through e-cards they can actually send as many as they want without thinking of the cost, definitely the cheapest and the fast way to distribute cards. Although a lot of people saying that manmade card is more touching than e-cards but people nowadays is more practical they think that e-cards is more convenient for them.

Statement of the Problem
This study helps us to determine the impact of animated electronic cards to manmade card or...
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